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In her 13 years on the tour, she has not won any championships and honestly hasn't even come close.

The best she has done is tie for 55th overall in the U. Those are not exactly the results one dreams of when making it to the highest level in titss respective sport. Rawson is also a model and we can tell why in this photo. There is also something Lpgaa a hot athlete holding something from their sport in the photo which gives it another level of heat. Natalie Gulbis is just too sexy and cannot be put on this list only once. This photo sums up just how sexy she is. The photo is a little bit misleading as the bikini is painted on. But honestly, that is what makes the photo that much hotter.

Gulbis is basically wearing nothing in this photo and she still finds a way to make the bikini look like one that should be created in clothing stores. Her blue eyes, blonde hair, and pearly white smile just adds on to the fact that this golfer is a total hole-in-one! Terrible humor aside, Gulbis earned the right to be on this list more than once and it can be safely assumed that people wll be looking her up more frequently for any photos close to this one. No matter what sport she played, we are glad to see photos like these of her in the repertoire.

When she was younger, Sydnee Michaels was a figure skater as well as a golfer. Supposedly, the reason she never pursued Lpgq career in skating was because of her father telling her she would grow to be too tall to be successful in the sport. She has been golfing in the LPGA since while not recording a win in any form of tournament yet. This photo is a great one to look at of Michaels. Her blue bikini is a great color choice.

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Her curves are clearly on display with a Lpgw smirk on her face which indicates her thinking she'll win an LPGA tournament very soon. Regardless of Lpta win-less career, Michaels will surely continue to win fans over with pictures like this one. But her bad luck in one career led her to really good luck in another career. Blair O'Neal has been a professional golfer sincealong the way winning two long drive contests in college and shooting a round best Unfortunately because of a tough financial situation and an injured foot, she had to put her professional aspiration dreams to the side.

Tits Lpga

She then got a modeling contract and based on this first photo we tiits see of O'Neal, it is evident why. This woman smokes up the screen as her Lpya stomach, curvy body, and serious Lpya shows that she knows she is beautiful and is very serious about keeping her figure. If this photo has mouths drooling and wanting more, there will have to be Lpag small wait to get more of what the fans want. She also played four years on the Futures Tour as well. Currently, she does not have an professional wins to boast about, but she definitely does have a body to brag about. Her smile and brunette hair Lpgz spectacular here, along with the hoop earrings which is a nice fashion touch for her.

The breasts look great in this as they seem to want to exit her flower bikini top. Obviously, fans will wish to see the rest of her body in this photo. Unfortunately titz will not happen, so fans will just have to google her name and see what they can find. Like mentioned before, O'Neal had more success initially as a model than golfer and with assets like her, pretty easy to see why. Lppga is 5'9, pounds with a 26 inch waist which is very impressive. With a body like that in a swimsuit, pretty safe to say O'Neal made a great decision to choose to model consistently and give up her golf game.

Based on her first photo, she looks like she might be trying to stare far into the distance. Jaye Marie Green has been playing professionally since She has been playing the game of golf since she was 11 years old, very similar to Michelle Wie's early progression. Her photo here is a stunner for sure. Her curves are on full display, having no showing what she's got. Green looks like she is having a care free time on a boat out in the water, loving every moment. If people think this is a terrific photo of Green in a swimsuit, they are in for a real treat with this next one. Jaye Marie Green is back in the number four spot and this time, we get another side of her. We saw everything from the front in the first photo, now we get to see everything from the back.

Are these PGA Ladies just jealous? How can beauty ever be a bad thing? Take a look at these pics and decide for yourself. That said, can you believe this girl is actually a pro golfer? She looks way hotter than Ariel or Hilary. When image-searched models like Nina Agdal and Kelly Rohrbach populate the page. Charlotte McKinney also comes up, which is quite a coincidence since both Paige and Charlotte launched their careers on Instagram. Does Insta have a type? What we have here is almost like sexiness prejudice. If Lexi Thompson wore that outfit, nobody would notice or say a thing. What does sports history have to say about this? Take tennis for example.

Women used to play in skirts down to their ankle. Despite the evolving clothing choices, hundreds of butt cheeks still manage to slip free of the constraints. Why the hell not? Otherwise, the fabric can stick to the quad muscles and really end up destroying your mechanics. Either that or you constantly have to pull the skirt up or down, depending on your stance. For instance, if your ball lands on the uneven bank of a water hazard, your legs need to be able to spread wider in order to maintain proper balance. A better idea may be to eliminate the skirt entirely. Perhaps a thong would do the trick.

Ballet dancers are some of the most flexible athletes in the world and they wear thong leotards all the time. Maybe Paige should try wearing one of those. That would really piss those old LPGA prudes off. Here we see Paige in a new light, that of not just a golfer but of an all-around athlete.

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