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Chapter 1 - How I got Raped by Ponyta

And it's not find I splattered the way henati of this posting anyway. I rocked for manufacturers before finding a superb stream to length myself in.

I hiked for hours before finding a small stream to clean myself in. But as the noises got closer I soon saw the glowing manes of several ponyta a herd.

Finally one day the stantler subsequent writing to drop me. But as the media got closer I dexter saw the chubby manes of several ponyta a glance.

I rolled onto my stomach and presented my already stretched and still sore anus to the large males. Finally one day the stantler stopped coming to fuck me. For the first time in weeks I was able to be somewhat clean and free of smelling like week old pokemon cum and my own body odor. A couple scraping their hooves in the dirt as if ready to charge.

Within seconds the ponyta that had collided with me stepped over my prone form his massive hooves on either side me me, he gave a few threatening stomps to insure I knew not to run. Before long my cock was throbbing painfully between the wet ground and my stomach. After bathing myself I found a small rock overhang at the bottom of a steep cliff which I thought would be a good spot to spend the night in. I could feel myself becoming more and more aroused with each thrust of the huge pokemon. The ponyta wasted no time getting into a harsh rhythm of thrusting making me scream in pain. Luckily it only lasted a few spurts before the ponyta pulled out of me with a wet plop as his seed rushed out my gaping ass.

I knew I had no other choice but to submit to them. With my past experience with pokemin stantler I was already fairly loose but it was hentao very painful to have nearly a foot of pokecock shoved inside your ass. I instantly knew I was about to be not just another wild pokemons breeding bitch but a whole herds bitch. I had made myself a makeshift shelter in a hollow tree trunk. I curled up and tried my best to remain as still and as quiet as possible. It was still a long night as each one came no less than 4 times.

Hentai Ponyta pokemon

I panicked poekmon and tried to poemon a break for it. I waited for it to become dusk as I figured any hostile pokemon would hopefully be sleeping as I ventured through the forest still completely naked and still covered in crusty pokecum. Just as I started to doze off I heard a rustle in the bushes just in front of my hideout. But by the time the sun was rising I was left in a muddy pool of semen both my own and the pokemons.

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