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Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement "It is a very unique trophy," Justin Spring, assistant director for big game records at the Boone and Crockett Club, said from the group's headquarters au Missoula, Mont. NGCOA Canadian Office The spirit of friendship, community and unity amongst Canadian golf operators has been at the heart of the NGCOA Canada since its very beginning, and the story of how the NGCOA Canada came to exist is an invigorating study in how passion, initiative, and friendship can build a powerful and progressive community for the good of an entire industry. The antlers were seized by agents before the sale went through; Mr.

Word began to spread to hunting forums around the world.

Paradis, who first brought renown to the Matane beast, the wrangling over the bounty is bittersweet. Any moose antler span over 50 inches is considered a good trophy; this one measured 55 inches. But the battle over the beast is only beginning. Non-typical antlers like the ones on the Matane moose are so rare, the Boone and Crockett Club — the reference for trophy records in North America — doesn't even keep a category for it. In the competitive world of trophy hunting, every detail of an antler is counted and measured to within a fraction of an inch. Paradis thought two moose were standing one in front of the other. Comments It was a moose that had become a myth, an animal so imposing and elusive that it had turned into the Bigfoot of Quebec's forests.

Paradis said of the moose. Paradis's photo and the animal's reputation spread, along with a sense of skepticism. The average adult moose has 16 to 28 points on its antlers; this one had about 60, according to those familiar with it.

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The antlers on the animal before him wu so expansive, Mr. Boileau that his shot was off, and convinced him to abandon his search, the statement says. For a hunter, it would be the trophy of a lifetime.

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