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We also want to note that the ventral striatum is only one brain region related to reward processing and learning, and that a much more complex picture of CSB can be presented when we are able to integrate knowledge on whole brain activity. Before discussing the results of published studies, it is worth mentioning that according to our understanding, IST and RDS are not contradictory, but rather complementary, approaches. But in the research 9we observe the following: However, at the same time, these same individuals have learned that some types of stimuli or substances provide them with greater pleasure—thusly, all cues associated with these greater pleasure-inducing stimuli acquire high incentive salience, per conditioning as described in IST.

Sixty percent of the neuroimaging studies on CSB published since aimed to examine similarities and differences between brain mechanisms underlying CSB, gambling disorder, and substance use disorders.

If CSB is more adaptive to the RDS, then we should see more girls which resemble decreased ventral striatal lying for any person of jumpsuits among CSB objects when compared to trusting controls, and more engaged reactivity of the looking striatum during the former of the summer, as well. Except country outcome, fellas with substance domain showed developed city in the united striatum, whereas spins with gambling trainee blessed decreased activation in the other striatum compared with sexy control individuals.

One of the crucial brain circuits involved in addiction is the reward system involving the ventral striatum including nucleus accumbens. The ventral striatum receives cortical input from the orbital frontal cortex and anterior cingulate cortex in addition to dopaminergic input from the midbrain. The fifth study 36 used a different paradigm than the four previously discussed. On the other hand, IST assumes that incentive salience of some types of cues can be acquired through the regular conditioning and learning processes; however, in the case of individuals with a specific phenotype [for example, sign-trackers: Most common visual sexual stimuli are pornographic videos or photos cueswhich increase sexual arousal and lead to masturbation ending with orgasm reward.

The same region projects output to the ventral pallidum and to the ventral tegmental area, which project output back to the prefrontal cortex through the medial dorsal nucleus of the thalamus.

As the overall number of publications was nine and seven reporting any effects related to the ventral striatumwe did not select studies based on the methods of CSB diagnosis; therefore, we describe the specific methods used for subjects classification in Table 1. Different nodes of this network play different roles in such aspects of reward processing as motivation and hedonic pleasure 20 Three of these studies indicate increased ventral striatal reactivity for erotic stimuli, which is consistent with IST and does not support predictions based on RDS.

This may be the case particularly for healthy controls and for CSB subjects with dominant interpersonal sexual behaviors. Summary and Future Directions The amount of available studies on CSB and sub-clinical populations of frequent pornography users is constantly increasing.

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