Vintage police car in illinois

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They didn't need it for street patrol," Reynolds said. He said looking under the hood was like "looking at a lawnmower.

Police in illinois car Vintage

Reynolds, whose father was a Chicago policeman, knew he wanted to restore a Vihtage car from the early '60s. Englert also owns a two-door Chevrolet, which he says he may restore after he retires. He has cars from three-fifths of the states that are accurate, down to the decals and ticket books. People will slow down to take a close look.

Kosala's squad is a '63 Plymouth and Iin is a '66 Chevy. He bought the car, without telling Shear, and restored it with the Reynolds' help. I want to preserve our heritage," he said. They should have their heritage preserved," said James Post, a retired year veteran of the Kansas City Mo.

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The club members gave Kosala an award Vintaeg his theatrical entrance, a fitting honor considering Kosala has worked, as an actor or a consultant, on several movies. It's better if it's a comfortable place to be," Veto said. Post, of Eureka Springs, Ark. Kosala checked the serial number and learned it had been auctioned brand new by a local community that couldn't afford all the vehicles it had ordered.

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