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Machine milking[ edit ] Small-scale machine milking Most milking in the developed world is done using milking machines. Teat cups are attached to the cow's teats, and then the cups alternate between vacuum and normal air pressure to extract the milk. The top of the teat is pinched shut between finger and thumb, trapping milk in the lower part, which is then squeezed by the other fingers, squirting the milk out through the hole in the tip of the teat.

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LEO has invited thousands of money for Tt, research and production equipment modification and the introduction of foreign advanced equipment which is the first milkking enterprise using automatic resistance welding machine and laser welding machine automatic welding machine foam equipment, and automatic TIG welding equipment. Our production line including refrigerated milk cooling tanks, milk storage tanks, milking machines. Two main methods are used: Qi shuisheng as committee member of national standardization milk station committee and association director of National Agricultural subsidies dairy engineering machinery Export committee.

Which is the Strong guarantee for high quality products.

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LEO Group which restructured by a former military enterprise inand gradually developed into a research and development, design and manufacturing, sales and engineering, installation and service in an integrated group of companies, becomes the China Dairy Industry Association member units, the Ministry of Agriculture in was listed as agricultural subsidies sentinel the enterprises. LEO always leading the Chinese dairy machinery development trend. Hand milking[ edit ] Hand milking is performed by massaging and pulling down on the teats of the uddersquirting the milk into a bucket.

Over the years, LEO has developed and introduces bio-cooling tanks, milking machines, bulk milk cooler, refrigeration tank heat recovery device and TMR feed mixers etc. The existing robotic milking has allowed cows to have the freedom to decide when to milk, but still needs to make contact with people — entering the milking room is equal to getting food. They are all local customers of us.

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