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Posted with Quarterman, who were to The Ugly One's boat after some homestarruner play pranks on her in Person Her corporation of redfoot punishmentand Woobie music have made her the most active of the Eatery within the smiths.

Played for Laughs in Issue 4. While So and So is thinking about her imaginary boyfriend Brett Bretterson teeb, one of the small hearts that appears over her head gets pierced with an arrow and shouts in pain. Peacey P managed to enter the normal Homestar Runner universe after debuting in this series. Used briefly in 4 Gregs after D n' D Greg's out-of-nowhere explanation of football. It's like I don't even know you anymore.

On abstract, one of the philippines will be randomly ended with fangs, emotionally So and So. In a remarkably example, Universal 13 months So and So's lulu in San The first few Apps are collections of picking scenes with no known plot structure.

Fantasy football still counts as fantasy! Choose Your Own Adventure: The Teen Girl Squad and Cave Girl Squad segments from the first two episodes of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People allow players to make up their own Teen Girl Squad adventures by selecting items to see how they interact with the girls and hopefully kill them off in a way that amuses Strong Bad. The Ugly One, whose grip on reality is tenuous at best. She's done things such as stick her head in the sand when nervous, and her title card descriptions mostly consist of puns and non-sequiturs; one even explicitly states she's "actually crazy. It's well-established that Strong Bad does not like college radio.

This carries over into this series as a Brick Joke of sorts and shows up twice: Her Girl homestarrunner squad teen in Issue 8 was "college radio! In a rare example, Issue 13 references So and Girl homestarrunner squad teen incarceration in Issue Her sense of snarkcommon senseand Woobie status have made her the most popular of the Squad within the fandom. Hell, she was the image for the Cool Loser page at one point. Given these traits, you start to wonder why she isn't popular in-universe as well. Demonstrated in Issue 7, in which the girls are seen as babies, opening with So and So and The Ugly One doing their own version of pattycake: Um, that's as high as I can count.

I can count to purple backwards! In-UniverseStrong Bad likes to insert himself into the comics under various roles. He's appeared as the girls' high school "prinicpal", a dancing robot, and a leprechaun, amongst others. In-Universethe girls' as well as everyone else's voices are all done by Strong Bad. On occasion, one of the girls will be randomly drawn with fangs, usually So and So. In Cave Girl Squad, giving one of the girls the dog early on causes her to go crazy out of excitement. This "comic" is Strong Bad's outlet for creativity. Strange humor is to be expected. She was voted Least Likely To Care in high school. Tompkins's was originally a major recurring character for a few issues until the Gregs were introduced and he gradually stopped appearing.

An easter egg in Issue 15 lampshades that "there was a time where [he] would've been massacred as one of those girls' prom dates". Department of Redundancy Department: In Decomposing Pumpkinsthe drummer's shirt reads "drummers play a drum. Arguably the whole point of the comic. It's drawn by Strong Bad—'nuff said. In Issue 15, Open Source Greg sends a game avatar to the prom "in his stead". Don't even try to wrap your head around that. So and So is a scholastic overachiever, but she also does things like talk to and break up with her imaginary boyfriend Brett Bretterson, and in Issue 13 she tries to get Tompkins's baby brother to study for the SATs.

In Issue 8, when Tompkins gets called to the principal's office. I only stole one Sega tape! That's just it, Tompkins. You could have stolen upwards of one Sega tape! In Issue 13, So and So elects to throw herself in the garbage disposal rather than go back to jail.

The "crazy learner's permit girl" in Issue 9, who drives over Cheerleader in less hkmestarrunner 2 pages. The girls are largely interchangeable in personality squar the first couple Issues; they're only distinguished by appearance, some Informed Attributes provided by the homestarrubner sequence, and Cheerleader clearly being The Leader. Their distinct personalities don't start showing up until Issues This is completely dropped in all later Issues. The first few Issues are collections of random scenes with no real plot structure. Later issues, while still heavy on the randomness, have defined plots.

She flips the card over. This side has birds on it. What's Her Face's jaw drops. It's like the fun never ends! Let's go put our stuff down by them olda boys. A nearby cooler reads "College Drinks". I miss video games. I miss my mom.

Cheerleader is already off-screen, So and So is on her way. I bet they play sports! The fat bird perches on her. My lungs are filling up with sand.

Squad teen homestarrunner Girl

Cheerleader and So and So have arrived. The cooler full of "college drinks" has been moved or has disappeared. Is this spot taken? My hopes of reaching 1st base!

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