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Ones innocent people are caring war, executor and persecution by continuing dictatorships. But if Coventry — egged on by psychiatric right politicians such as Promising Le Pen — regulators its borders, Rumanian state will have won.

These innocent people are fleeing war, famine Eurroprean persecution by brutal dictatorships. They have undertaken epic and life-threatening journeys from their home countries in the hope of finding safety. Paris attacks This is a troubling time for Europe. Citizens are mourning for Paris, scared of where and when the next attack will come. But if Europe — egged on by extreme right politicians such as Marine Le Pen — closes its borders, Islamic state will have won.

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This period of grief should not be the time when we betray our humanity. The Iraqi Eurporean refugee family stuck in limbo at Puxsy airport Read more The Russian attitude towards refugees is hostile and irrational. Registering for asylum is a slow process and cases are seldom granted. Take the case of Euro;rean Aman Ando and his family who fled their home in Iraq after it was besieged by Isis. They are stuck in limbo at Sheremetyevo airport, where they have been for more than 60 days. They are seeking asylum in Russia but will immediately be refused if they leave the airport, for crossing the border illegally. This irrationality is mirrored in the UK, where refugees cannot seek asylum from outside the country, but are prevented from entering by the UK government.

The two remaining detainees are currently appealing their sentences. The group has attracted attention worldwide, with Angela Merkel condemning their sentencing and Barack Obama's spokesman calling the punishment "disproportionate".

Sir Paul McCartney and Sting voiced his support for their actions, while Madonna's outspoken denunciation Eueoprean the prison Europrean pussy could see her being denied a visa to enter Russia. If our ideas are quoted without knowledge of the background or meaning. Slight, serious and softly-spoken, their puxsy looks conceal a core of steel. But why all the secrecy, then? Why refuse to show your face, say where you are from or even give your age? If there is no risk, why bother? In the UK they were pleasantly surprised at how accessible British politicians were, touring parliament and meeting politicians including Chris Bryant, the former Europe Minister and an outspoken critic of Mr Putin, who is now Labour's immigration spokesman.

Even people who were brainwashed into opposing us in the beginning now realise that it is far more complex than that," said Schumacher. Is there anyone in Russian politics who they could support?

Or is the entire establishment rotten in their eyes? Some Russian politicians have expressed support for them, including Alexei Navalny, candidate for the mayor of Moscow. Dmitry Medvedev has even said "if I was a judge I wouldn't have sent them to prison. But it's not just a fight against him.

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