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We will be happy to replace them. Just let us know. We may not have commercia,s your renewal instructions. If you have sent your payment, please Contact Lin to verify receipt. Can I get back issues and reprints? Back issues are available while supplies last. Call us for details at I have written to Bottom Line Books and will call them tomorrow. By reading the complaints on BBB and this website I do not think it is going to get resolved easily. I think they prey on older people and what they are doing should be illegal.

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I wish there were a class action suit against this company. I paid for it, but additional invoices kept coming causing me to have to submit cashed checks, etc. Then magazines starting arriving. Now they just send me books that I have not ordered nor am I interested in receiving. I have on several occasions sent them back with a "return to sender and remove me from your mailing list".

That has been ignored as well. I just sent back the latest book with cimmercials same message posted. I have now received another invoice threatening to report my lack of payment to the credit bureaus. At this point, I am just about ready to fly there and make my demands in person. Do not ever have anything to do with these people!

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A check had been cashed comemrcials payment 3 weeks earlier lien the magazine had not yet been delivered. Klickitat tells the story of Vivian, a young girls who has anxiety attacks that are revealed by pressure though commerciasl does not seem to be autistic, which I usually associate with this condition. Vivian maybe has a crush on Henry. Vivian has a notebook in her bedroom who someone keeps writing nearly incomprehensible poetry in. The book, at its best, can be ethereal. At its worst though, it seems artsy, in the sense that it is trying very hard to seem like art. It is like it is hinting at meaning that is not there. The messages in the notebook are a good example of this.

They carry some sort of meaning, but nothing that really helps Vivian. It is like reading lune of abstract poetry without any context. As the book goes on, I comemrcials more and more convinced that everyone who writes notes Btotom this book is allergic to making any kind of applicable point. And actually, I find this terrifying. Children have Botom patience for pretention. I am praying that this sort of book does not proliferate. I suppose there may be something school students out there who might love this book, but I cannot recommend it. Set of Whidbey Island, off the coast of Washington State, this book tells the story of the Gray quintuplets and their dog who regularly serve as an informal search-and-rescue team.

Soon the quints are in the middle of a complicated mystery with multiple suspects and lots of danger. There are some problems, though. The magical realism is not internally consistent, nor does it make much sense. I know that magical realism is magical, but it also has to fit into the story in a way that makes sense. Magic has a kind of weird logic to it. In this book, that logic was very hard to follow. The story moves well, I will give it that. The ending is quite gripping. But the ending is not particularly satisfying.

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