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Bottom Fishing

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Also, textile exports are likely to rise, and apparel exporters should benefit from the rupee depreciation against the US dollar. The potential loss can be large if the stock continues down. Compute the height of the pattern from the peak at C to the lowest bottom, A. Selling at the ultimate high should be considered a perfect trade. For the stop location, I used a penny below the first bottom and a penny below the second bottom. Place a buy stop a penny above the top of the chart pattern.

Bottom fishing Stock

India Ratings says thanks to healthy demand, a depreciating rupee and the waning impact of structural issues, the textile sector should see a gradual improvement in credit profile and profitability as the players pass on increased raw material prices to end users. The better the exit, the better the results will be. That means price has to close above the highest peak between bottoms 1 and 2 in the figure. Because price is invariably below the moving average. Bottom fishing is timing the market, so it's not for the faint of heart. After getting a buy signal from the ugly double bottom, I waited for the moving average to curl up think of it as warming up a circuit, ready for blast off and then for price to climb above it which engages the stop.

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The positive impact of improved demand and profitability will, however, be countered partly by sticky working capital requirements on the back of cost inflation and, thus, a steady reliance on debt. The second bottom results in fewer successful trades you were stopped out more often but the losses were smaller. Place a stop loss order a penny below either the first bottom A or the second, higher one B. I first used the ultimate high as the exit rule. The stock makes a new yearly low in a bull market.

An entry signal is given when price closes above the top of the chart pattern. I show an example of one in the chart on the right. Welspun India earns around per cent of its revenue from the US market. Read this article in:

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