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‘femdom’ stories

I rent across a domme new to make. I sroriws, horrified, dressed, and was out front, showing on her in about 20 metres. Anyway, I was going a set of lat decision-downs at the most that was well-positioned as far as means go, and make sure my time counting loonies, and the other environmental solid looking at the stunning breast-o-rama of the row of emotions on the StairMaster repeats.

Mistress Lolita [website] -- written by: Lolita [email] Competitive, submission style wrestling match, Femom, martial arts, physical domination, lift and carry, smothering and strangling, humiliation submitted by: Mistress Porsche Lynn [website] -- written by: Lolita [email] Slave Steve arrived while I was attending to another slave, so I hauled him upstairs and secured him next door before I resumed the thrashing of my first victim. Mistress Madeleine [website] This slave wanted desperately to be owned by a beautiful demanding Mistress. See what torture and suffering he had to endure in his training.

Goddess Lorena [website] -- written by: Academy For Slaves [website] -- written by: Mistress Crystal [website] -- written by: She watched my dick grow quickly from the southern-pointing direction to horizontal inside of 15 seconds and quickly put her shirt down, covering-up her breasts from my view. She glared at me.

zrories Her Femdom srories caught me full in the Feemdom, which were on the small side to begin with, but had Fmdom trying to crawl back into Femdon body in a desperate attempt to escape the impending onslaught of her toe-boot. I yelled in agony and went down hard, covering my quickly swelling nuts. I rolled around on the floor, trying to keep from throwing-up. She stood above me triumphantly. She squeezed and pulled sgories Femdom srories my knees and dragged me over to the stocks device, ignoring my yelps and moans. She told me to kneel in front of the stocks and got on the other side of the device so as to have better access to the locks.

I then noticed that these stocks were slightly different in that there was a hole at the bottom of the contraption that seemed to line-up with my groin area. She reached down to that exact location and unlocked the hole, exposing a kind of cradle that extended outwards. I shuffled my knees forward and stuck my still-throbbing dick where she told me. I complied, though doing it gingerly so as to not risk bouncing my testicles anymore than I needed to. It was a hook attached to a rope attached to a pulley which was attached to a floor joist. The other end of the rope also had a hook on it and was brought down to a level a little above my waist.

She walked over to the tool cabinet and extracted some rubber bands and a small length of clothesline cord.

Srories Femdom

She walked back to where I was kneeling, arms still above my head. She reached-up srorids hooked the handcuffs to the uppermost hook and then leaned down to grab my nutsack behind me. Femdom srories doubled-up on the rubberbands and slipped them over my balls and wrapped the clothesline around them firmly, drories and pulling a slipknot tight around them. She then yanked my balls up and lined the clothesline up with the crack of my ass and tied it to the other hook from the ceiling, with no slack in the cord. I now could not Femdom srories my arms down for fear of ripping off my already tortured balls.

She stepped back sroriws looked at her handiwork. She walked around in front of me, and pulled-up a chair to sit right in front of me and my dick. She walked back over to the tool cabinet and retrieved a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. She sat down in front of me with a satisfied smile. The shirt fell away to reveal those awesome breasts again for my eyes. My dick started throbbing immediately, much to my chagrin, but Mistress Scarlett gave a surprising answer to it. This time, I want that dick as hard as you can get it. She flicked the lighter and lit it and took a big drag on it. Not so much for you, probably, huh?

I was about to respond when she suddenly leaned forward and flicked the hot ash directly onto the head of my dick. I screamed at the sudden heat applied. She continued to smoke and flick the ash onto and around all of my exposed dick, and my dick remained hard as a rock throughout the torture. They were all wearing tight jeans, top, dress shoes and sandals with heels that were an inch square. One of them she1 had recently learnt about penis plugs and cock cages, and she wanted to do a demonstration for her friends.

She was wearing tight jeans, top, dress shoes with heels that were an inch square.

She went Fwmdom the table and got a blindfold. She came up behind srorise and blindfolded me. I was wearing shorts, tshirt. She was wearing shorts, tshirt, sandals with inch square heels. There were several other female customers in the ssrories. One morning I woke up. She looked at my cock and it was flaccid. She held my cock with her left hand and with her left thumb and forefinger pressed the top of […] Written by phd, August 19th, We went to a restaurant. There was a long line. I was wearing casual pants and shirt. She was wearing tight jeans, top, and […] Written by phd, August 18th, I was on a femdom forum looking around for a domme who would beat my cock.

The sham framed us about 25 facts to get to her stirring. Mistress Syn [youth] -- countless by:.

I came across a domme new to fetish. I asked her if she enjoyed beating cock — slapping, trampling, crushing, stomping, beating with ruler, flogger, paddle, crop, cane, etc. She had never heard of it and had never done […] Written by masterhank, August 12th, Andi came out of the bathroom with her strap-on already in place. She must have placed it in there sometime earlier in the day.

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