Swinging balls and momentum

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Derivation of How Newton's Cradle Works

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Since the balls are of equal mass, that means the same number of balls leave the series as those which impacted the group of balls. Some sources say that if the balls are touching on impact, then releasing several balls may result in just one last ball moving forward at a greater velocity instead of moving the same mass at the same velocity. However, that would violate the laws of Conservation of Momentum and Energy, as seen in the above derivation.

Balls slightly separated Another view for explaining how Newton's Cradle works, assumes the balls are slightly separated, even if they seem in contact. Suppose the five metal balls are Swinginv stiff, such that no kinetic energy is lost in a collision. Each is also the same size and mass. The increase in the non-ideal action is caused by collisions that involve more than two balls at a time, effectively making the struck ball appear heavier. The size of the steel balls is limited because the collisions may exceed the elastic limit of the steel, deforming it and causing heat losses.

Applications[ edit ] The most common application is that of a desktop executive toy. Another use is as an educational physics demonstration, as an example of conservation of momentum and conservation of energy.

And momentum balls Swinging

His work, De Motu Corporum ex Percussione On the Motion of Bodies by Collision published posthumously incontains a version of Newton's first law and discusses the collision of suspended bodies including two bodies of equal mass bwlls the motion of the moving body being transferred to the one at rest. There is much confusion over the origins of the modern Newton's cradle. Morin has been credited as being the first to name and make this popular executive toy. Well, the results are nearly the same in both cases, but the dynamics of the processes are certainly different. We will move on to look at the interesting case, where all balls are initially touching each other.

The compression pulse model. This assumes that the balls are initially all touching.

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A compression pulse begins in the metal balls at the point of first impact, traveling through the balls with the speed of sound. The speed of sound in the material of which the balls are made is much greater than the speeds of the balls. So the pulse "does its work" before any of the stationary balls have moved. The pulse travels forward and backward, reflecting from the ends of the string of balls and meeting again simultaneously at one point. Where is that point? Well, if the pulse originated between the first two balls, the pulse meets between the last two balls, where it gives up its momentum and energy, giving the last ball a kick, and slowing the others to a stop before they have moved much.

This sounds plausible at first, and it agrees with experiment. But there's a troublesome issue.

balsl This model requires that a pulse of energy and momentum from the first ball Swinginng up at one localized point, balsl point where the last two balls touch. How does it do that without dispersion, for the compression pulse initially goes in all directions within the balls, forward, backward, up, down and all directions in between? It momwntum reflected from the ball surfaces the anr are spherical after all in very complex paths and most of these paths are not equal in length from start to finish. Though it sounds good, it fails to convince the skeptical student. As it does so, it's affected by the force of gravity, which works to slow the ball down.

A more accurate analogy of a closed system is pool balls: On impact, the first ball stops and the second continues in a straight line, as Newton's cradle balls would if they weren't tethered. In practical terms, a closed system is impossible, because gravity and friction will always be factors. The cradle was then filmed until movement had stopped. Tables 1 and 2 show the angle of both ball 1 and 5 to the vertical, the velocity of both balls and their momentum during the first 2 swings. The highlighted figures in dark represent the point at which the moving ball strikes the static balls.

During the first swing maximum momentum for ball one during its descent was 7.

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