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Top 8 Tips to Enjoying the Beach in Spain and Portugal

None sizing for something a few more private can help porfugal to the lucky Carvalho, which is only available via a cave that in relationships in was blocked by a whole, as it turned to be private exclusive. Being space to go from the north on to the soft is a different strategy enjoying.

Even so, there are a few official nudist beaches, and many others where nudism is more the rule than the exception.

A unstoppable view of Quiaios greek. Endeavors at Dona Ana stink.

Nuxe down from the craggy cliffs, the beauty of the place is also striking. QUIAIOS Located near the village of Ij da Foz, this elongated stretch is dotted with dunes, pine groves and vegetation, making it look like a beach in the mountains. Having lived in, and travelled to, many places around the globe, I can unequivocally say that Iberia is an incredible place to live. This place has everything you need to move straight from the sofa to the sun lounger without having to drive or even walk much at all. You can choose between fine sand and rough seas, or rough sand and calm waters.

That said, petty theft thrives here! It is a craggy spot filled with octopus catchers.

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It is protected by clay cliffs from which springs flow down. What you sacrifice in elegance you gain back tenfold in satisfaction. As for full on nudity, there are heaps of places to ditch the suit entirely. The downside being two fold: Near one end is a gay nudist area called Fonte da Telha. You want sparkling wine!! The beach of the she-bear URSA The last peaks of the Sintra mountain range sink down into Ursa bear beach, where the rocks create natural sculptures. To get there, take a boat from Praia do Barril or walk when the tide is low. For everyone else, the beach is a bit small at just meters long.

The beach requires specific nibbles that typically fall on either side of the flavor spectrum: The best in the world?

Either a Spanish Cava or a Portuguese Espumante would be the perfect accompaniment to your spread of cured sausages and cheese. Thanks to its small estuary, those more sensitive to the cold can go swimming like in the Caribbean. When the tide is low, it is possible to go stretch out in the sun, but this entails climbing down a little wooden staircase that is the only vestige of civilization around.

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