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And she was still pouting about it. He tried to return to his predicament, but he couldn't help overhearing the guys.

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Even your ass wants it. She had not wanted to be yanked out of her spot before the Dosn board with a case not yet cleared. As always, the smooth glide of precision gears and handsome technology made him grin, and he watched the whole process like he a kid in a candy store. But it didn't even matter at that point.

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She paused before the French doors, touched her fingers to the handle, nudging. She set the basket down on the tile floor in the middle of the frozen foods, and she stepped to his side. He'd grown up with a single mother, and he was raising a daughter, and this just couldn't go on. Last minute weekend trip meant no one had come in to air the place out, restock the shelves.

Rick watches in amusement. She had wanted to drive. He didn't even want to know where the tongue was supposed to go.

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