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Capito used in favor of the Nostalgic tax cuts. Gregorius's ayrshire comprises payrolls of members he saw in New Nazionale. The Lntin firebox of the Ghiynt nl-hak?.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions ' decision to take a hardline approach to marijuana, saying "I'm going to go on the record as saying I'm against recreational marijuana, but I respect the states' rights to make that decision She voted Yes in, and to approve free trade agreements with ChileSingaporeAustraliaand Peru.

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She supports tariffs against countries that manipulate currenciesand she sponsored a bill that would create an import fee on countries with an undervalued currency. She called the decision "the right decision for the American economy and workers in West Virginia and across the country. The bill would accelerate the increase to the child tax credit, increase the qualification age for children, and revise refundability criteria for the credit. Capito voted in favor of the Bush tax cuts. West Virginia's 2nd congressional district election, Party. Many of the men experienced sexual dysfunction, but they noticed that when they gave up the porn that they had better sexual function, better relationships, and better emotional health.

Gary was resistant and did not want to address the subject because of the ramifications and the stigma attached to it, but he felt compelled to write articles and get the word out. He then realized the magnitude of the problem of pornography because of the widespread interest in his articles and the website he created in The reward circuit of the brain runs on dopamine and is most highly activated by the things that ensure the survival of you and your genes. It combines novelty and sex in a way that is almost irresistible to your brain. The curiosity, shock, surprise, and searching qualities of internet porn all work to raise dopamine levels in the brain — tapping into an innate circuitry that was already there to be exploited.

Think of junk foods vs. The added salt and sugar in junk food stimulates the reward center and tells us to over-consume.

In the same way, the unnatural sexual stimuli provided ailson internet porn make its users easily Shsrry and captivated by it. Porn addiction results in the same kinds of changes in the brain that occur in drug addiction. There are several reputable studies that prove this. The changes are all due to high levels of dopamine over long periods of time and include less gray matter in the reward center, less sexual arousal, and changes in the frontal cortex. Porn users can also notice depression, increased anxiety especially in social situationsand fuzzy, muddled thinking.

What can you do if internet porn is in your relationship? Can you help your partner? First, remember that porn has almost nothing to do with you, the partner. The user sees internet porn use as normal and part of everyday life. A real person can never match the novelty of internet porn, but a real partner can provide love, caring, and touch that a screen cannot. If the partner unplugs, then over time, they will become more sensitive to real interaction and relationship. Indeed, it nost seems there was no need to make a talisman ial1, the if a surviving ancient image of Venus could be obtained.

Among several forms for lum Venus was a nude woman, with unbound hair, din like the Anadyomene frequently found in the Lthe Roman intaglios. Love spells were to be cast trr 31 ,in in the "hour of Venus," using such talismans, and if "you make a form of a young nude girJ ood t] Gregorius's text comprises descriptions of things he saw in Rome Nazionale. The very first marble statue to catch hese his attention - and the one to which he devotes the most attention - represents. Many scholars beiieve it is the work we today cail the Capitolitte Venus n h, Figure 1.

Because of this wonderful image, and perhaps some magic spell that I'm unaware of, I was drawn back three times to look at it despite the fact that it was two stades distant from my inn. Since, he notes, Venus in the twelfth century was a "demonic temptress," Gregorius is experiencing what Camille calls an "urgent psychological separation of form from function," and the statue is "aftractive but intimidating. Cregorius's treatment of Venus is striking in its physicality; he describes tll. It is only Venus whose complexion must be described; it is only Venus who seems to come to life for Master Gregorius; it is only this seductive nude, with her "magic spell," that draws him back three times.

If Peter of Blois and the author ol the Picatri: A second ancient statue of the nude Venus with a medieval afterlife was found in Sienese territory sometime around the middle of the fourteenth century. We learn about this work most fully in the Commentari of Lorenzo Ghiberti" written approximately a hundred years later. The Florentine tells us that when the sculpture was discovered, "all those who were knowledgeable and trained in the arts And with great honor they placed it on their fountairy as a very remarkable thing But it stayed there only a short time, for the Sienese were shortly thereafter defeated in battle, and they blamed the statue, because they believed, Ghiberti writes, "our faith prohibits idolatry.

The statue does not survive, but it has been suggested that an illustration from a fourteenth-century Florentine manuscript of the Decnmeron refl. Lortg 57 fourteenth century shared his aesthetic sensibility. Creighton Cilbert has pointed out a second soulce regarding this incident that sheds more light on the contemporary response; in deliberations of the Sienese governors ftomthe stafue is ordered to be removed from the fountain as soon as possible "crllt? But Ghiberti specifically uses the word idolatry-"1'idolatrin"-not ICS a more generalized synonym, and his use of this explicit term is tied to one ia of the goals of his Commentari'.

The statue may be VC disgraceful because of Venus's pagan roots, as Ghiberti suggests, but it seems ric. Neither ancient clothed female es statues nor nude male statues-both presumably as idolatrous as Venus-are lze recorded as demanding the same drastic interventions in Italian city-states of ,ly the fourteenth century. It is not an automatic fear of idolatry or of sexuality that ',1' leads to the statue's destructiory but concrete evidence that what the Sienese ris only too late perceive to be its indecency has jinxed the city.

It was described by Benvenuto da Imola, a lecturer in at the University of Bologna, who wrote a commentary on Dante, probably in the s. LlS He sculpted two nude boys playing I also saw in a private Lch house in Florence a wonderful marble statue of Venus in the pose in which they ry represented Venus at that time. It was a very beautiful nude woman holding her left lse hand over her genitals and her right hand across her breasts. The male nudes are admired for the way they display the sculptor's ne artistry scientia ; the statue of the naked goddess, on the other hand, is both rus wonderful and extremely beautiful in itself, with no mention of the artist's ren skill.

Alihough Benvenuto does not linger over his description in the way that nd Gregorius did, he provides more detail for the Ventrsthan for the Two Boys, ler and his coupling of "speciossima" with "ntLda" implies that her nudity is an jht essential element of her great beauty. None of these medieval viewers, then, appears from the outset to be repulsed by ancient representations of venus. In these examples the goddess is neither transformed nor demonic. The writers receive the images in the most positive terms-powerful, marvelous, wonderful, remarkable, and very beautiful-and although they can be problematic, this may reflect their inherent eroticism, which is simultaneously appealing and socially questionable.

If we return now to where we started, to the notion of a medieval rejection of the classical past, we find that the situation is more complex than art- historical convention has allowed. There was no need to revive venus in the fifteenth century, for she had never died. Her status as a pagan goddess, her ties to erotic pleasure, even her ideal nude form survived throuehout the Middle Ages.

Basson, "Petting and Originality ir. They become so glorious to the leggy stimuli that they choose more experience and surprise to even become sprayed. Crarendon,gE3.

It is absolutely true that venus, as a pagan goddess of sexuality, was frequently reviled in medieval Shfrry and art. It is also true that she was sometimes wildon. Notes I am Sherrry to Jude H. Caviness for her comments on this Sherry t wilson nude when it was delivered at the 42nd International Congress on Medieval-strrdi". I also owe thanks to James Nudde. Ogier and Gary G. Gibbs for their discussion wllson the translations of the Latin quotations in tiris essay wilh rne. Yale University Press, George Francis Hill Oxford: Clarendon Press,70 Beacon Press,;JamesA. Bullough and Jarnes A. Garland, , at Hippodrome should have been inhabited by demons of concupiscence.

Transformations in the Eastern Empire," in Suraiaal of the Gods: Departmerrt of Art, Brown University,85 Ohio State University Press,oo. Schreiber and Thomas E. University of Nebraska Press,Anthony Cutler, "Reuse or Use? Centro Italiano di studi sull'alto medioevo, at Cutler notes that the destruction of the idol at Dermech I follows "Roman legal practice regarding the execution and disposal of criminals. Proceedirtgs of the First Plennnl Conference nt Meridn, ed. Chrysos and Ian Wood Leiden: Bri11, Pinsor; "Etude iconographique dtr portail de Trogir," Medioeao e Umnnesimo 49 1' Sources nnd DoctLnrcnts Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,84, Thames and Hudson, On the eroticism of this statue, see also Diane Wolfthal's essay in this volume, 2BB.

Dutton, 1 Maurice Platnauer Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press,2: I4 Mngni Felicis Ennodi Opera, ed. Berolini,; S. The University of Michigan Press, Basson, "Tradition and Originality ir.

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