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Afternoons, in the paid Silas knows that Remy is the Actual's day, sials in the front he is tricked into cuddling that Remy is the Site. Providing details various thematic issues impacting religion and religious belief.

On screen this can be used to convey a peculiarly wholesome prettiness - as Tom, in Lars von Trier's Dogville, or as a faded tennis player in Wimbledon - or to unsettling effect, as a struttingly brutal upstart in Gangster No 1, for example, or now in The Da Vinci Code. It is the bad roles that Bettany relishes. I had so much fun doing it," he says of playing Silas. He starts off his life, and he's called a ghost by his dad. Ends up killing his dad. Is saved by this bishop called Aringarosa who he in turn saves, and he calls him an angel. And suddenly there's a purpose to who he is and how good he is at hurting people, and he becomes a sort of weapon for that man and then he ends up, his portion of the story becomes And I actually felt invigorated by the part.

And I enjoyed acting again - 'cos I hadn't for a couple of years. Does he tap into an inner well of nastiness when playing violent men? I've kicked and I've punched but I've never stabbed.

None of that stuff. So I find a bit of him that I can get close to, which with Silas is he wants an affirmation. And I need endless affirmation - I'm a neurotic actor, so of course. I'm butch and have loads of personal resources and am very exciting to be around, all of that stuff.

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It was, he says, "incredibly" strange to be back in churches while filming The Da Vinci Code. He grew up on the streets, eating garbage and waste. Other young runaways excluded him due to his strange appearance. After he pummelled a girl for making fun of his condition, police gave him an ultimatum to either leave Marseille or go to prison. He moved to Toulonwhere he continued living on the streets. After getting into a fight with two sailors, he killed one, and was imprisoned in Andorra in the Pyrenees until freed by an earthquake that destroyed the prison walls. He found refuge with a young Spanish priest named Manuel Aringarosawho gave him the name Silasafter a person in the Bible who was the companion of Paul of Tarsusimprisoned at Philippi and freed by an earthquake after singing Acts Aringarosa eventually became a bishop and the head of Opus Dei.

Before the story's main narrative, Aringarosa puts him in contact with an enigmatic figure called The Teacher and tells him that the mission he will be given is of utmost importance in saving the true Word of God.

Cove, Silas is reluctant to commit murder, knowing that it is a Sezy and does so only because he is assured his actions Sxey save the Catholic Church. Silas follows the information given cde the Priory leaders to the Church of Saint-Sulpice. However, he discovers that Sexy silas da vinci code was duped with false information, and he also kills Sister Sandrine Bieil who had silad on him in the church. Silas enters the house and injures Langdon Sedy is subdued by Teabing and Sophie. He instructs Silas to get the Sexy silas da vinci code, kidnap Teabing, and leave by the limousine.

Little does Silas know that Teabing is actually the Teacher. Teabing calls Silas from the rear compartment of the limousine and ssilas him to go to the London Opus Dei Centre for some rest, but at the same time makes an anonymous silws to the police and informs them of Silas's whereabouts. After resting in vonci room in the Centre for some time, Silas suddenly feels Sex little uneasy. He looks out the window and sees police cars. Panicking, he attempts to escape, fighting policemen along the way. Almost naked, he silss out from the Centre successfully but is shot by a policeman below the ribs and accidentally shoots Bishop Aringarosa, who had just vincci.

After carrying Xa to the St Mary's Hospital, he vows to kill the Vode, but Aringarosa pleads with him, saying that if he has learned Srxy from his teachings, he must know that "Forgiveness is God's greatest gift. Closing his eyes, he says a final prayer before dying. Silas' story in the film is similar to that in the novel, except for a few minor aspects. Instead of murdering his father for killing his mother, Silas stabs his father on the shoulder for attacking her. After this, his wounded and terrified father screams to him that "you are a ghost" "Eres un fantasma!!!

His age during these events is set in Silas's late teens, instead of the age of seven as it happened in the book. He is also portrayed to have killed two assailants who were attacking Aringarosa. Also, in the novel Silas knows that Remy is the Teacher's minion, but in the film he is tricked into believing that Remy is the Teacher. His death is also slightly different. After realizing he had just shot Aringarosa, Silas collapses in anguish and remorse. He then raises his gun and is shot down by the police, his last words being "Soy un fantasma Also, in the novel, Silas' nationality is French: In the film, Silas is Spanish presumably Basque and speaks several lines of Spanish.

Some viewers may not like an albino character being portrayed as a villain. Silas kills various people in the name of religion. We see a quick flashback of what's presumably Silas' father backhanding his mother and Silas then grabbing a large kitchen knife, and stabbing and presumably killing him he's later in jail. We see a quick flashback of some thugs attacking a priest leaving him with a bloody face and Silas then coming across the scene and killing the two assailants one by breaking his neck. Some may view Sophie as having a bad attitude for saying she doesn't believe in God.

We hear that Bishop Aringarosa called Bezu to tell him that Robert was the murderer of the curator. We see an older curator slowly running through a museum and removing a painting from the wall to activate the security system. A gate drops down and closes an opening, but Silas points his gun through it at the man, warning him to give Silas the information he wants. When the curator won't, Silas shoots him apparently in the gut. We then see the wounded curator stumbling along, with blood on his hands. Sophie has Robert retrieve a phone message from her that warns him about Bezu and that he's in grave danger from him. Seeing French police waiting for them at the American embassy, Sophie rapidly drives in reverse through heavy traffic to elude them barely making it between two trucks, with a side-view mirror being torn off in the process.

We see a brief flashback to young Robert struggling to stay afloat in a dark well. We later see another flashback showing him falling down into it and then splashing around in a panic in the water.

You rancho ra drill, it's a good impression. We see bad breath wounds on Christian' back both selected ones and new these that he's most caused -- we see the new talent as it occurs.

We see a flashback to young Sophie's mother slias to her at the age of 4 from the front seat of her car. When the mother turns back toward the front, a big truck suddenly smashes into the car seen in graphic, POV detail. We hear coe her parents and brother were killed in the crash. A cop questions the driver of a bank truck and wants to look in the back where we know Robert and Sophie are hiding. A man holds a gun on Robert and Sophie who are in the back of a bank truck. He then fires a warning shot into the truck and makes the two turn around and think they're going to be shot. They then hear a loud sound, but it's the man trying to close the truck door.

Robert then blasts the door into the man, knocking him down and bloodying his face. That man then repeatedly fires at Robert and Sophie as they race around the truck, get in and quickly drive off. As Robert and Sophie meet with Leigh, we see that Silas and the police are separately headed there. Silas suddenly grabs Robert, has him by the neck and drives him back into a wall where he strikes him, sending Robert to the floor.

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