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Dictjonary from a foreign language[ edit ] Expressions or words from a foreign language may be imported for use Dicrionary a replacement for an offensive word. Feck is a minced oath popularised by the sitcom Father Ted. For example, the word piss was shortened to pee pronounced as the letter P in this way. Some examples of rhyming slang may serve the same purpose: Seussa child asks to go to the euphemism, where euphemism is being used as a euphemism for outhouse.

Euphemism sexual Dictionary

In Isaac Asimov 's Foundation seriesthe sexuual of the scientist Ebling Mis have all been replaced eupheemism the word unprintable. For example, sometimes the phrase visually impaired is labeled as a politically correct ssxual for blind or a blind person. In fact, there is only one case of his curses being referred to as such, leading some readers to mistakenly assume that the euphemism is Ebling's, rather than Asimov's. Figures of speech[ edit ] Ambiguous statements it for excrement, the situation or a girl in trouble for pregnancy, passing away or passed or go for death, do it or come together in reference to a sexual acttired and emotional for drunkenness Understatements asleep for dead, drinking for consuming alcohol, hurt for injured, etc.

For example, the French word enceinte was sometimes used instead of the English word pregnant. This is also referred to as a minced oath. Here is what I mean, on every phrase is first a list of "dictionary definitions" which is in itself ludicrous, such as "smoking sausage, to draw in and exhale smoke from a finely chopped and seasoned seasoned meat". There is also a false sense that the author was trying to be seen as being academic in absurdly adding what appear to be poor etymologies to each phrase, which may not be as poor as they appear thou even assuming that they aren't, I can't figure anyone who reads such a book is looking for the etymologies of these off phrases, and would have been better to leave them to another book.

This is shown with near ubiquity in phrases like, "contemporary masculinity sexusl developed the need to have all aspects of sexual activity be a power-seeking event for men. There is some disagreement over whether certain terms are or are not euphemisms. Or at least I can't think of the real world situation of which any of these would be of any use.

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