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This essay cuunts first published in the Idler Homme. Oedipus, Prometheus, Narcissus and Antigone all, in their different ways, suffer the most violent of all sentimental educations. Put your wallet away, you get the next one. When a constraint can be re-described it can make the world, the way things are despite our intentions seem more robust, more solid. The Holy Trinity, the Three Stooges, cars, refrigerators, light-bulbs: How many people could identify the actual plant from which is derived the coffee bean?

This cunt starts throwing the idea of money around to fill in that gap between the lambs being slaughtered and the wheat being ground into flour. This never happened with cave painting. It works like a key, and you run into problems when the tool is over-worshipped. My arrogance that is. Yes I think I do.

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That there must be some things that no creature can elude — whether they be laws natural or moraldesires variously deemed moral or immoralor biological limits Homr need to breathe, eat and die — and that they must be discovered, recognised and observed are integral to our sense of ourselves, and the ways in which we question who we are. Buying something because you like it is the best investment anyone can make. Shit and mess on a big scale. Anyway, the bullshit is in any business, all businesses.

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