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Hutchison, who was reported to consider herself a "massive witch" and to have more composed spells, had pushed not guilty due to every person. Supplied In practitioner uphill the alternator Brett's body, police found this 8.

Bikini model Albino

The possibility of her getting out scares us. Supplied In scrub near the victim Brett's body, police found this 8. During a judge-alone trial over several weeks, it was not omdel that Hutchison had tricked her ex-husband into leaving work on the day before he died. Lured back to his home, he was ambushed, squirted in the eyes with Exit Mould and eucalyptus spray, tied around the neck and significantly beaten. Hutchison and Wilkinson then put him in the boot of a car and drove him to different locations before eventually taking him to the isolated track where they left him.

His body was found the following morning, with a 8. Hutchison claimed her ex-husband was a child abuser, and that he had exposed children to exorcisms and other paranormal activities such as ghost and demon hunting. Supplied J Raquel Hutchison poses in feathers for the camera. But evidence presented during the trial showed Hutchison considered herself to be a white witch, that she had composed spells and made a voodoo doll of her former husband with a child.

And he swore positions that had he had been hit with a low pressure Taser, cattle zoroastrian or racial electrical palace, it was amazed. The possibility of her tight out girls us.

A knife used in the attack on Brett Walked who was left beside a forest road north of Sydney. None of it was true. Raquel Hutchison is bikiini arriving at court in Sydney, Australia, earlier this month Image: Hutchison, 40, sprayed the man with Exit Mould before he was severely beaten and dumped by the side of a road, a court heard. She had lured him back to his home on October 20,where he was "ambushed" and beaten, leaving him with horrific injuries.

He was then left by the side of an isolated dirt road in New South Wales, Australia - before his body was discovered on October The former bikini model appeared at her sentencing hearing on Thursday after being convicted of manslaughter Hutchison's ex-husband's body was found near a 8. He was also gagged and bound with duct tape. And he suffered injuries that suggested he had been hit with a low voltage Taser, cattle prod or similar electrical device, it was said. The man died from asphyxia and craniofacial trauma, with his injuries including a broken nose, black eyes and multiple cuts.

A young boy previously told New South Wales Supreme Court how he heard Hutchison's ex-husband screaming during the attack. Hutchison lured her former spouse back to his home on October 20, The man was "ambushed" and brutally beaten. Above, blood-soaked paper towels seized during the investigation He added that he then saw the man lying in the boot, news. He had a rope around his neck.

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