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Are vulvas so obscene that we have to censor them?

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We are offering each volunteer model a copy of the book as well as a high-resolution digital image of their choice. We are not paying ourselves for this work. It took me eight attempts researching numerous online websites, books, and various other resources to begin to make sense of all the different parts of the anatomy. The vulva includes the mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, vestibular bulbs, vulval vestibule, urinary meatus, the vaginal opening, and Bartholin's and Skene's vestibular glands.

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If I was confused, there must be others who are too! I came across the seminal Womeb photography book Petals by Dr. Nick Karras USA — capturing the variation and beauty that each woman possesses in sepia. Led by my intent to better support others, I started collecting vulva photography books around the world as a possible resource for my future clients. I liked parts of, and disliked parts of each of these books. This was the same question my clients, especially my Asian female clients with Vaginismus a condition where penetrative sex is difficult or impossible — usually due to fear of pain asked — what is common or normal, and how am I different?

I had no answer as we poured through these books together. Over the years, the desire to publish such a vulva book never left me.

I explored with different photographers in Singapore but did not find anybody I could work with. Until Kelvin Lim introduced himself via e-mail. Before we arranged to meet, I looked him up and understood he was a seasoned and well-established portrait photographer who also does boudoir photography. How does he look like — not sleazy, I decided. When we met, he brought his wife and it was clear that their partnership was a complimentary one. As we explained our work and got to know another through, I finally shared… my long-time dream of a vulva book. Four years on, with a strong portfolio and an established clientele, I began to question the purpose of my work.

Why are people so focused on backdrops and shooting locations? Why are clients so concerned about their outfits, their makeup and hair, their poses? Why was I asked to photograph everything but the individual characters themselves, the real people? I began to find ways to simplify my portraits by minimising distractions, and maximising the expression of real feelings. No fancy backdrops or poses, no fancy outfits. Without distractions and props, all I had was light, and the person in front of me. The only thing left to do was to start a conversation. It was through these conversations that I discovered how people really felt.

When Dr Lee first expressed her idea of publishing a vulva book, and described one such photo-book showing the different forms of female genitalia, I was hesitant.

Any Stained mini open to being a custom model is said to contact us. Why are having so focused on personals and son locations. A 9x9" shredder photo book, we aim to do images of at least 20 Only vulvas.

Furthermore, the book will be immensely useful for Dr Lee and many other professionals around the world in handling cases of Vaginismus - a condition which I never thought was so common, until I met Dr Lee and understood the work she does so passionately. The subject of this book can easily be misunderstood, especially in our Asian culture where the slightest hint of intimacy is considered taboo. But there are real issues - both clinical and emotional - that can be addressed in this project, regardless of race or culture. I cannot be more privileged for the opportunity to contribute to the work of Dr Lee. The vaginas on the cover are not sexual. We are not always sexual.

How often do you see an ungroomed vulva in an advertisement, a sex scene, or in a porno?

Depictions of female genitalia in culture provide unrealistic images that most women are unable to live up to. We believe that the fact that more than 1, Australian women a photogrxphing get labioplasty is a symptom of a serious problem. How can society both refuse to look at our body part, call it offensive, and then demand it look a certain way? That fear was replicated during the photo shoot. This sentiment was tjeir by most people in the project — they felt a pressure to present our vaginas to the world in a way that the audience would be "comfortable" with. But this cover is intended to reassure other women. All the women on the cover have been unified through their experience, but so is every other person that is able to defeat any negative feelings they have towards their own or another vagina.

As one participant put it: It is not something to be ashamed of; it is not my dirty secret. Just before we went to print, we were told that our cover was illegal, possibly criminal. But what is offensive or obscene about a body part that over half of the Australian population have? Neither newspaper received any complaints. Our cover was not a comment on nudity generally, but instead an exercise in female empowerment. Even after complying, the paper was pulled off stands yesterday.

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