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A former weestler time Tag Team Champion, Gunn is out to prove that he can still go with the up and coming generation of wrestling talent. James was trained by ECW legend Taz and was taught to never back down from a fight. In his career Bully has won 35 total championships. In fact, Carlito competed in the first 3 HOH events.

Follow on twitter Chris Hero Wrestler A unique performer who has the size and strength of a heavyweight but the agility of a cruiserweight. Hero could be one of the more decorated wresters on the roster having held over 35 championships all around the world. Soon after, in the United States, two independent promotions had brief but significant runs, serving as prototypes for Extreme Championship Wrestling. The Philadelphia-based Tri-State Wrestling Alliance held occasional supercards that featured big name stars among their own local talent, and showcased wild bloody main event brawls with Abdullah the Butcher, The Sheik, Jesse James Sr.

A fire deathmatch The two promotions ended about the same time, and National Wrestling Alliance Eastern Championship Wrestling took their place, with many of the same wrestlers and venues. Eddie Gilbert was the initial booker, and was replaced a few months later by Paul Heyman. After splitting off from the NWA, the company changed its name to Extreme Championship Wrestling, and became the leading independent hardcore wrestling federation in North America. ECW coined the term 'hardcore wrestling', but its usage there was slightly different than it is used today. In ECW, 'hardcore' referred to a strong work ethichigh levels of effort, dedication to the fans, and lack of fluff or filler.

Their level of violence rarely equaled that of the Japanese promotions. Sabu had developed a gimmick of throwing himself through a propped-up table in Japan in order to entertain the crowd and get his character over as a wild and possibly insane man. He then started to put opponents through tables, a relatively safe spot which looked and sounded devastating. He brought it with him to ECW, where it became the focus of a feud involving multiple teams. The table spot became a staple of ECW events, and has become so commonplace that it is now incorporated into otherwise non-hardcore matches in almost every promotion.

He desensitized wrestlet character Hardcote hairy promos as a decision and photographed in scaring the battles in the most. On Respite 2,Fullington made an american for WWC where he went in a 4-way calf for the 1 mile at the Puerto Rican resting the title was won by Apolo. Carlito won the murder due to a specific when Meeting struck him with his transformation after Carlito meaningful to use it on him.

New elements Hardcord fluorescent light tubes, scattered thumb tacksflaming ropes and live piranhas. The first one was held between Megumi Kudo and Combat Toyoda as a deathmatch where the ring ropes were replaced with electrified Hardcore wrestler with explosives. Most of the wrestlers who competed in these deathmatches, including some non-FMW rosters such as Westler KandoriLioness Asukaand Mayumi Ozaki[3] [5] were sent to the hospital after these matches. ECW's popularity led to the major American promotions of the 90s, World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Federationcreating divisions devoted exclusively to 'hardcore' wrestling Harscore mostly amounted to no-disqualification weapons matches.

Hardcore wrestling Hardocre fallen out of favor in the major American promotions; the last major hardcore title was the WWE Hardcore Championshipwhich merged into the Intercontinental Title in Rules[ edit ] The main rule behind hardcore can have various connotations. There is no right or wrong necessarily, but Zandig and the CZW promotion has certainly made their mark. He's participated in plenty of deathmatches over the years in promotions such as IWA Mid-South and CZW, but also has gained recognition as a great brawler, without the use of weapons, in promotions such as ROH.

Still, his contributions to hardcore wrestling are second to none, and he was willing to take just as many bumps as anybody else in the hardcore realm. His young retirement age is a testament to this fact, and so is the respect he's received from hardcore audiences just about everywhere. For my money, the best American hardcore wrestler of the last 20 years. After wrestling overseas for the early portion of his career, he became one of the wrestlers most associated with ECW during the s, and from there has gone on to wrestle in seemingly every Indy promotion in existence.

He's talented in the ring, and not beholden to the hardcore style, but it's definitely what gets him the bulk of his notoriety. In his short time there, Hak was mostly involved in angles featuring fellow ECW alumni Raven, Bigelow and Raven's storyline sister Chastity, with whom he developed an on-screen relationship after she turned on Raven. His presence also helped to bolster WCW's fledgling hardcore division.

Wrestler Hardcore

After The Sandman won, however, the World Television Champion Rhino came out to the ring and challenged him to an impromptu title match. His most notable match was a 3-way dance with Sabu and New Jack. He also competed in the Hard 10 Tournamentwhere he partly feuded with Sonny Siaki before winning the overall event. Total Nonstop Action Wrestling — [ edit ] The Sandman made his surprise debut on February 12, where he was defeated by Raven in a falls count anywhere match.

Hardcore wrestler James and Konnan in an Asylum Alliance match but lost. Harddcore match would see Sandman and Dreamer lose to the Dudleys after Dreamer was powerbombed through a flaming table. In the new ECW, The Sandman was used for the first few weeks as a character who would emerge from the crowd wtestler a non-ECW style character was annoying the audience. Once Hardcore wrestler character had a few minutes to talk Sandman appeared and destroyed the character with his cane, often ending the "match" with qrestler signature White Russian Harcore.

At the same time Sandman was feuding with Test and Knox, a debuting Matt Striker erestler to rub him the wrong wrstler and he started a secondary feud with him. Subsequently, Hardccore Sandman has made several short appearances, mostly coming out through the Hardcors and caning someone whenever some injustice was done. Carlito won the match due to a disqualification when Sandman struck him with his cane after Wrextler tried to use it on him. This started a feud between the two. Sandman did a similar thing next week when he lost to William Regal by disqualification, after hitting Regal and Carlito with his cane.

The next week, Sandman faced Carlito again, this time winning when Regal attacked him. The Sandman was saved when Jim Duggan who had a confrontation with Regal earlier that night came down to the ring. The Sandman lost in a battle royal to determine the new General Manager of Raw where he was the last one eliminated by Regal who had faked an injury and was not in the match until Sandman was the only superstar in the ring; Regal then won after he snuck up on The Sandman and hit him in the back of the head with his boot. His last match was on the September 10 edition of Raw against Santino Marella which he won by disqualification. Some battles were so brutal they were never shown on videotape as Summers bled like crazy from staple guns, wire bats and every other weapon imaginable.

It remains ironic that a guy as funny and loveable as Mick Foley could be revered as a true hardcore icon. Despite having a body more suited for couch-surfing than the wrestling ring, Foley clicked with an amazing ability to absorb punishment that got him attention as Cactus Jack in WCW and then taking off in ECW with some pretty bloody battles. Since then, Foley continues to pull off some incredibly brutal matches that has led to everything from losing an ear to Vader to numerous concussions, lost teeth, broken ribs, burn marks and far too many cuts and stitches to count. He seems to truly feel no pain in battles, not just in the ring but bar fights and many a worker has come to regret trying to pull a prank on him.

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