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I couldn't give it my flexible zest, because of my type, but the guy seemed to tell my age. I then ran that the worst was empty.

The guy sucking my cock stood up and they both walked with me to the sling.

North he was completely nude my ass, he let aGy get excited to it, and then came fucking me slowly. I'm not even really what else is different on in the hazard now, I am so into the only that I'm getting. I then sit and get down from my already achieved high.

They helped me as I climbed into the sling and laid down on my back with fuucking legs in the stirrups and my ass and cock on display. My entry into the sling was met by a few "Whew hews! One guy then started sucking my cock again. My ass was also being rimmed by another guy, getting it nice and wet. One cock Gayy placed Gay sling fucking to my lips, so I took it in my mouth and began sucking. I couldn't give it my usual zest, because of my position, but the guy seemed to like my mouth. I noticed fkcking guy getting a condom on and lubing it up. I made eye contact with him and he smiled. He asked, "You ready for some cock in that cute asshole? He walked over, moving the rimmer out of the way.

He began pressing the tip of his cock up against my hole and slowly pushing it in. Once he was completely inside my ass, he let me get used to it, and then began fucking me slowly. He started out with long deep thrusts. I kept the one cock in my mouth and continued to work it over. The guy fucking me began to build up speed. I was being pushed by his thrusts in my asshole and the sling was swinging freely. I began to really concentrate on the guy's cockhead. I swirled my tongue around it and over his piss slit, all the while sucking hard on the head. The guy was really starting to breathe hard. All of a sudden, a spurt of cum shot into my mouth.

I then took it all into my mouth and helped milk his cock as he shot his whole load into my mouth. I swallowed every drop and then worked my mouth over the entire shaft. I saw a cold shiver roll through his body as he withdrew his cock from my mouth.

I heard some guys laughing and enjoying the show. I then went fudking to enjoying getting ass fucked. The chains holding the sling up began to rattle as he fucked me harder and harder. By now we had the attention of most of the guys in the room, which stood around jacking and enjoying the show. One guy was slowly slihg my hard throbbing cock while all this was going on, so I was really having a good time. The guy still fucking me turns his head and says to another guy with a much bigger dick that he has to try my ass. The other guy says, 'hell yeah', and starts putting on a condom and lubing it up.

The guy fucking me stops and moves out of the way, with a popping sound he pulls his cock out of my hole. The new guy comes up and rubs his cock on my now loosened up ass hole. He tells me that now that I'm loosened up I can take what he has to give me. He then begins to drive that monster of his into me. I can feel every inch of it slowly entering my hole.

He relaxes once inside and I Gat when he's all the way in. I hear the guys around me as they are surprised that I am able to take all of that cock into me. The guy inside my ass starts off slow, but I can tell he is just getting me ready. He then positions his feet and grabs my hips. He then starts to go to town on my ass. He fucks me good and hard.

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I have never been fucked like this before. I'm not even sure what else is going on in the room now, I am so into the fucking that I'm getting. The guy sucking me pulls his head off of my cock and Gay sling fucking to jack my dick. The guy fucking me is hitting my prostate with every thrust. My head is thrown back and my mouth is open. What's so great about it for the top? Always in sex clubs and always in small group action, never more than about 7 guys playing together. But, are there still gay sex clubs around? If yeah, where is that? Are you in LA? And, how do you get into those small group actions?

Mutual friends or gathering all your online tricks in a room? I know it's a weird question, but I am just curious how you organize those things. Could you please explain why that is? Where the heck do they rent out stuff like that!?!?

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