The ten hottest sex scenes

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The 10 hottest movie sex scenes of all-time

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Hold hhottest and your leads may wcenes up looking like cold fish. But sceness are some films which somehow manage to set the perfect tone. Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie: Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney Out Of Sight Out Of Sight was the film which introduced many to the talents of Jennifer Lopez and cemented George Clooney as a bona-fide movie star, and this sizzling sex scene undoubtedly played a big part. Heavily inspired by the above, this particular scene intercuts the impossibly attractive couple — playing a federal agent and bank robber, respectively — during a flirtatious bar-room encounter with effortlessly sexy footage of them undressing and then writhing around.

The fact that both parties are on opposite sides of the law only makes the whole thing even more titillating.

Ryan Phillipe and Reese Witherspoon: Cruel Intentions The fact that Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon were dating at the time, eventually marrying and then divorcing sobexplains why they ooze such great chemistry in this teen-movie classic. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams: The Notebook There was also a case of life imitating art in The Notebook, the romance that sparked a whole wave of increasingly corny Nicholas Sparks adaptations. Brokeback Mountain One of the hottest things is when sexual attraction ignites out of nowhere. Shoved together in a tent barely big enough for one person, the two are almost mid-coitus before realizing it. Bolero Bo Derek is currently better known for her political leanings than for her acting, but for a brief stint in the eighties she was known for being a perfect ten.

Bolero is an absolutely terrible movie but it features quite a bit of Derek in the nude. If nothing else though, it gave us the honey scene. A nude and candle-lit Derek has golden honey poured across her lean yet busty body.

Sex hottest The scenes ten

As the honey slowly rolls down and in between her hottesst, stomach, and thighs, her Arabian lover begins to lick and kiss the nectar from her scejes. Technically the scene may not end with sex, as the dude inexplicably falls asleep, but eex it… the way her stomach undulates up to his mouth, the honey dripping from his lips and face… it looks like sweet, messy sex. Lust, Caution After some shockingly rough sex early on, where Tony Leung whips Wei Tang with his belt before binding her arms and taking her from behind, things get more tender, romantic, and elastic. The duo meet in their motel room, disrobe, and begin a lengthy session of sex that would make members of Cirque du Soleil wince.

Him on top, her on top, both on top, etc.

Per Wikipedia, the ten minutes of sex took over one hundred hours to shoot making us think Ang Lee is a bit dirtier than we realized. Her facial expressions alone is enough to raise the blood pressure level of an audience, and the flirtatious note of her friend noticing her button being undone when she returns to the table further highlights how sexy the danger of being caught and having a secret can be. The audience is thrust into the copulation just as it reaches a fever, and with his hand sliding up between her thighs, and her hand following, the pair begin trembling, tightening, and by the time she bites his shoulder, you realize this might be the best opening scene in film history.

Risky Business Tom Cruise has ordered a prostitute for a house call, and after the first one ends up being a dude he finally gets it right with Rebecca De Mornay. The porch doors burst open with a fierce wind, and she arches her basically naked body into him in the most perfectly poetic form imaginable, the curves of her bare ass pressing into the front of his pants… He spins her around, lifts a leg to his waist and we see two short scenes of sex on the stairs and sex in a chair.

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