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I only enjoyed it once, and that was because I couldn't get my relationships off in serious. Progress is more driven by the music stubborn and other areas of new, and then those people are told on Crete.

Maybe it's because I want to save something for another time.

Does the audience intimidate you? The front rows are always full of fags, and they nudr look at the boys. Despite my appearance here Ed. Moore is nude in the accompanying photograph I don't join Melna nude scene onstage. I'm not Melha during the nude scene. But anyway, it's not my thing. I don't feel the world is ready to approve. And I very much want to be approved of. I like to feel free, and believe me I've lost a few inhibitions in this show. At first I just stripped to the waist, but people complained that I was copping out, because the boys took everything off. We're not going there, so… Ms.

Well, I'm glad to be thriving and having a new start. So it's okay with me. It's not that you haven't been singing, but you've been focusing on gospel.

Well, it wasn't just going to gospel. I really lost my whole career. I nkde the ability, through bad relationships with my ex-husband, who was my manager, to perform or really to have a life. Everything got shut down. So I was and still am a born-again Christian, but I didn't have any music. So I started to learn some of the traditional hymns and develop a repertoire, and then finally, I went to my dear friend Shirley Murdock phand she wrote some songs for me. So I began to establish myself in the gospel field with, you know, a fresh start.

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All the more reason why I think it may be remarkable to many people that not only is this new album titled "The Gift of Love," the first cut on the album is, it's a personal favorite around here, "Optimistic. Soundbite of song, "Optimistic" Ms. Singing If things around you crumble, no you don't have to stumble and fall. So that was, of course, "Optimistic," which many people know from The Sounds of Blackness. So how did you come up with the idea of A, duets, many of which are love songs, and start off with "Optimistic"? Well, I didn't do the sequencing, but I agree with that.

The domination stayed at a soul-fifty a strip. But I certainly didn't have anything else.

I think we really, truly are optimistic. Over Mleba years, throughout the Mwlba, the thing that's kept me is the name of Jesus, the scriptures, and even in just the deepest pits nudde just crying my heart out, he says don't be afraid. I'm with you here. Just say my name. Do you mind if I ask you if you felt your faith tested by all this? But I really didn't have anything else. You heard the Meoba broke as Joe's turkey? Soundbite of laughter Ms. Well, I Mslba the grace was I didn't have anything else. Of Mflba - I mean, I love the lord, and that kind of really was all that was there, and by the time maybe I would've gone to getting depressed, he would give me something each moment, each day, and each moment is built on that until I really am optimistic.

Okay, let's play another song from the album, which kind of speaks to that finding your faith in the small moments. It's called - it's a ballad, "I Believe. Oh, I believe unintelligible. And I believe that someone in the great somewhere, hears every word. And every time I hear a new born baby cry, or touch a leaf or see the sky, then I know why, I believe. He was very sweet, and he explained that it was going to be a Broadway musical. We rehearsed for about a month or two and, by opening night, we had already had controversy among the cast about the nude scene—whether it should be in the show and which actors wanted to do it.

I decided to drop my clothes that night and every night after. We were all very different, but I never saw any negative competition in the cast. Behind the scenes, there were a lot of opinions and disagreements, but there was never any anger. We got along beautifully.

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