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Caregiving: How to Give a Bed Bath

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Or you could be caring for someone who has a long-term inability to move, such as adklt person who is paralyzed. Gather your materials To give a bed bath, you will need: The person may not remember how to bathe. The bath basin is intended for adults.

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Wash the feet and in between the toes. Put away your supplies and wash your hands. Batb to help with or give the bath Fill two basins with warm water. A comfortable and portable bathtub This inflatable bath is made out of extra thick 6-layered PVC and is provided with a super soft bubbled bottom. Wash with the washcloth and soapy water or wipes, and then rinse using another washcloth and the clear water.

Adult Bath

Let the person undress and wash as much as he or she is able. A waterproof cloth to keep the bed dry. Start with the cleanest areas of the body and finish with the areas that are less clean.

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