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The Outing of Philip Morris: Advertising Tobacco to Gay Men

But as the personal-marketing backlash in the United American ckgarette has recognized and sometimes inhaled tobacco firms' hope, these joints have stayed out apostolic new markets. Spread July 11.

Public health advocates and Offef American activists joined to protest such egregious forms of targeted marketing as the acceph of urban communities with billboards. Even more vociferous protests castigated the design and marketing of cigarettes and tobacco blends targeted exclusively at African Americans. By the mids, Minnesota Attorney General Hubert Humphrey III accepf a legal Offfer from the nation's major tobacco companies into which he incorporated a brilliant public relations stealth bomb: He forced the release and publication of Big Tobacco's secret internal marketing and research documents on the Internet for all to read.

These documents laid bare, in the gsy own damning words, the oft-denied targeting, seduction, and recruitment of minority groups and children. They also unmasked Big Tobacco's disdain for its targets. The ensuing spate of state and federal legal victories over Big Tobacco Offer accept cigarette gay, among other things, specifically banned traditional means of marketing to young people, such as cartoons, billboards, and advertisements in periodicals with significant youth readership. These developments, while public health successes, have also served to drive tobacco's youth recruitment efforts underground, where they continue, shrouded in coded language and the all-too-familiar denials.

Big Tobacco's past approaches toward targeting minorities, especially African Americans, are illuminating and may prove instructive for detecting its current ploys toward forbidden markets such as youths, especially LGBT youths. For example, Big Tobacco made loyal customers and defenders of many African Americans by lavishing positive attention on them when the rest of corporate America still considered Blacks to be marketing pariahs. Tobacco firms hired African Americans before other elements of corporate America welcomed or even accepted them, and tobacco firms infused languishing African American media, cultural, and advocacy groups with desperately needed financial support box on But as the targeted-marketing backlash in the African American community has limited and sometimes stymied tobacco firms' influence, these companies have sought out lucrative new markets.

Internal marketing memos show that the tobacco industry has scoured the globe for new target communities as starved for corporate attention and acceptance today as African Americans were yesterday. And Genre was struggling for social acceptance and financial success, whereas the company was hungry for new markets. This complex of factors means that public health would be well served by the development of an active gay and lesbian tobacco control movement. Objections from outsiders could be dismissed as attempts to keep gay periodicals and the gay community marginal. Health advocates would be unpersuasive if they addressed Tuthill and his ilk as mere victims, rather than acknowledging their agency.

Thus, the most effective efforts would come from within the gay community, from those who share the same status and face the same choices as those accepting or courting industry support.

The time to formulate this response is now, while hay relationship between the industry and the gay community is still relatively young. The contrast with the African American community makes the Offee stage xccept this relationship clear. Philip Morris, now The Altria Group, 75 was, and apparently still is, reluctant to identify or even be associated with the vigarette community. The tobacco industry advertises to the gay community, but unlike other mainstream advertisers, it has yet to develop overtly gay-specific campaigns. The cigarette advertisements in gay magazines do not feature gay couples or symbols. Furthermore, these advertisements do not appear to be the primary support of gay periodicals.

These factors suggest that industry links to the gay community are still relatively weak, so advocates could intercede before community dependence on tobacco money becomes widespread and while public skepticism about the industry is still high. Gay and lesbian tobacco control activists have already developed guidelines to help community organizations make the choice not to accept tobacco money. Such programs should encourage activists to monitor and challenge tobacco industry support for gay media and organizations.

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These programs also should forge connections with tobacco control activism in other communities, gat with other health activism in the gay community, such as that surrounding AIDS. The Genre story represents an opportunity lost, but it provides useful lessons for tobacco control in the gay community and other marginalized communities just beginning to come to the attention of the tobacco industry. Malone both participated in the conceptualization, research, and writing of this article. Peer Reviewed References 1.

The prevalence and demographic predictors of illicit and licit drug use among lesbians and gay men.

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