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The standard operating procedure of the DOE-JGI Metagenome Annotation Pipeline (MAP v.4)

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He told the court he believed the release of the photos sxe due to "some foul play" by workers at a computer store he used in Hong Kong. Despite his retirement, Chen's fame has not faded.

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U;dated tools, parameters and cutoffs are the same for assembled and unassembled sequences, unless otherwise stated. Annotation of metagenomic sequences in MAP is organized in three stages: A crowd of two dozen photographers, many from Asian tabloids, mobbed Chen as he left the court building surrounded by burly private security guards. Received Jun 26; Accepted Feb The pipeline creates a file that maps the old sequence names to the new ones. The pictures showed Chen in compromising positions with various celebrities, including Canto-pop star Gillian Chung, actress Cecilia Cheung and former actress Bobo Chan. Chen's cause was not helped by the fact he was reportedly dating Vincy Yeung, the niece of the head of EEG, effectively Chen's boss at the time.

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The annotation includes the prediction of CRISPR elements, non-coding and protein-coding genes, and ends with the assignment of ediwon product name and the prediction of functions for each gene. Hong Kong's Department of Justice flew a legal team, including Hong Kong's chief magistrate, to Vancouver after Chen had refused to return to the southern Chinese city to give evidence. Procedure and implementation The MAP stages and individual steps are further described below. The decision to fly over the legal team and the intensity of the original police investigation have been criticised in Hong Kong, with some claiming the case has garnered special attention because of Chen's celebrity status.

Additionally, all sequences are renamed in order to ensure that there are no duplicate sequence names and the names comply with the requirements of all the tools employed in subsequent stages. The scandal spread across Asia, where Hong Kong stars are hugely popular, with police in Taiwan and China arresting around a dozen people for allegedly possessing and distributing the photographs. He soon announced his retirement and said he would be focusing on charity work. Edison Chen, one of Asia's biggest entertainment stars, gave evidence in the case of Sze Ho-Chun, a computer technician charged in Hong Kong with illegally posting the explicit photos online.

The Vancouver native of Portuguese-Chinese parents was discovered a decade ago by a talent agent in a Hong Kong club and became an icon in the music, film and fashion industries in Asia. The pipeline runs on nucleotide sequences provided via the IMG submission site.

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