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Fitness trainers do not seem to agree on the idea of whether the use of hula-hoops helps to fight sagging and wrinkled belly skin or not. However, one thing is true and undebatable: Massage Massage, preferably done by a professional, is one of the most effective ways in your fight for smooth and elastic belly skin. This procedure, obviously, cannot be considered a tender one and sometimes the patients may experience pain, but believe us when we tell you that it will totally be worth it in the long run! The most effective material used during these procedures is a mixture made of honey and any kind of essential oil. Anti-cellulite gel or creams are widely used as well.

There is a whole set of massage techniques specially designed for the belly area, such as stroking, circular movements and clapping. When we are using honey, belly skin is constantly retracted when slapping, which improves blood circulation in the given area, serves as a means of cell renewal and helps to remove excess liquid. For the first positive results to become visible, you need at least 10 sessions of massage, which will need to be repeated after a certain period of time. Using vacuum jars, tumblers or just your hands, you can use these massage techniques at home. Of course, it will take time to achieve the first results, but be sure that the results will come!

Massage needs to be done clockwise with smooth accurate movements using olive, peach, or any other type of oil or any anti-cellulite cream or gel. White clay also is an excellent medium for massaging as it rejuvenates the skin making it more elastic and improves blood flow. Wraps for Sagging Belly Skin Another way to return elasticity, firmness and smoothness to your belly skin is using wraps. Here honey, anti-cellulite gels and lotions, masks with algae or white clay are widely used. First it is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin with a scrub. This will allow the pores to open up to take all the useful minerals from honey and masks. After cleansing, you should apply the material you prefer on the problematic area and wrap with cling film.

Then you can lie down or do household chores for minutes. Upon completion of the procedure, it is necessary to remove the film, take a shower and apply a moisturizing cream.

Visiting Saunas and Baths In saunas or baths all the harmful substances and toxins are cleaned from the body with the help of water. If you are going to visit a bath, make sure to grab a fwmale birch broom and herbal teas. It is recommended to choose such saunas and steam viceos that have a pool with cool water. Temperature contrast that happens during the transition from steam to cold water has a very beneficial effect on the skin as it tones and refreshes it. Mesotherapy In our struggle against sagging and flabby belly after giving birth or rapidly losing weight mesotherapy can be a way out. Thanks to special meso-cocktails your belly will get rid of stretch marks and your skin will get back its former elasticity.

Modern technologies and specially designed equipment allow us making painless injections, making sure that the patient feels no discomfort. Depending on the individual, non-invasive methods can also be used. Plastic Surgery Probably the most extreme way of getting rid of sagging belly skin is the surgical intervention. To many people this method may seem rather simple and easy — a few hours on operating table and all your flaws are gone forever. However, everything is not as easy as it may seem.

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First of all, plastic surgery requires anesthesia and anesthesia involves taking risks. Secondly, massge will have to take too many tests and go through all sorts of preparatory procedures. But all this is nothing compared to the period of rehabilitation, the period when patients recover after surgery. There is this constant nagging pain and you have to wear special bandages and corsets for at least two months.

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The financial side of this method is femaoe less important, because, as you know, plastic surgery is by no means a cheap procedure. Therefore, before making such an important decision you should think very well. We mean, what if you have a chance to fix it without massage help maxsage a scalpel? After all, with proper nutrition, practicing sports and other methods described above, you will not only get rid of the sagging belly you hate so much, but also will significantly improve your overall health and acquire some useful habits. During pregnancy, smear your belly with olive oil or any other type of essential oil.

They help skin remain elastic and prevent the formation of stretch marks. Also, make sure you pay enough attention to your diet, because even a small piece of chocolate or regular white bread is not going to benefit you and your child. What they will do is being converted into body fat. Do not be afraid to do light exercises; yoga is strongly advised for pregnant women.

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