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After a while Dad push mom I the bed and move to her legs. He lick her vagina and open the boovs and said son Succk a look it beautiful. I saw its red inside he put his tong in and out and than rub it nice mom than put her finger in and out while dad is holding her legs wide. Dad then move on her he faced his back to mom and his head to ward mom vagina. I wander what they are doing I was mom licking dad's dick and dad doing mom's vagina.

Dad shouted boosb it's called 69 position. Than mom got mlms and said moma do doggy style. Mom like dog get position and dad from back push his dick in to mom's vagina hole. He is doing in and out and doing it faster. Than they again changed position now mom is laying on bed dad standing out of bed he pulled up a leg to ward him and hold it and again insert his dick in to mom. Mom is shouting like hell I don't know is she enjoying or mo,s in pain. Suddenly mom said fuck me hard faster I am cummmmimg. Now I know she is enjoying like hell. Dad continued and pulled his dick out and said here it goes.

Some white milk like liquid is shooting from mom belly from boobd dick. Dad said ohhh I really enjoyed fucking you honey. Dad look at me and said look son it's the semen that get it to woman and produce baby in side them. I hope you are too young to make thing like this in your body. He said Jully keep watch on him with in a few years he can produce it. Mom said why not a test have. She said do panic undo you pant she come closer and pull down my pant and I saw my dick do like my dad but hard. Mom touch it and she said well it has been developing since last year I touched it.

I cried out what when she said honey it was last summer you were sleeping in my lap I changed you cloth it was then. She hold it and roll it with her hand I feel good. She roll it for a while than I said mom I need to pee. She said do it here. I look at dad he node his head and I have my pee on there bed room in front of them. Mom come to me as I finished and touched it and rub it my pee drops are in her hand she continued doing that and I feel my dick growing bigger and harder. She put it in her mouth and it's like I am lost I haven. Suddenly I fell something happening to me cried out mom she was still sucking me. I closed my eye and fell electricity in me when I open my eyes dad said you did it son.

Mom kissed me in my lips I feel my cum while kissing her in her mouth. From that day mom sucked me every day and when I was 16 I first fuck my own mom. Dad was out of town. Mom and I had just finished our lunch.

I was back in my usual silk and feeling very relaxed. My cock was becoming rigid from my mom's provocative posture. We were silent for a moment, and then she said the words I had been waiting for. Why don't we continue you sex education? It's obvious you're ready, and my cunt's on fire. Mom, I would like nothing better than to ravish your beautiful body I replied. Good, she said, standing up. Now be a gentleman and carry your horny mother up to her room. Her dripping pussy needs a good ravishing. I quickly complied by scooping my mother up and then rushing upstairs and into her room. I sat her down on the edge of the bed and we quickly undressed.

My mother sat back and then spread her legs wide.

Now dad beautiful smile did not you had his painting I sure you did. I love her panty and try to tie the dissonance it flat and new.

Her cunt was glistening and gaping vulgarly. She reached down and began rubbing her cunt lips, then slowly sank two fingers into her wet she pulled out her fingers and then sucked her own juices off them. Now kiss me, but don't put your cock in me until I tell you. I was disappointed, but I quickly complied. I positioned myself on top of her and kissed deeply. Her mouth had a different, but pleasing taste to it now. With a twinge of excitement I realized I tasted her cunt cream. Now, she said, play with my breasts, but don't pay more attention to one than the other. I slowly moved down, kissing her soft skin the entire time.

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When I reached her breast, I took one in each hand, squeezing gently and massaging the feminine Suck moms boobs. I then squeezed her nipples tightly between my thumb and forefinger. I teased each hard nipple with my tongue, before finally sucking it in and gently nibbling it yeeeeeeah she moaned. Now start eating my pussy. Use your tongue and suck on my clit. I reluctantly left her breasts and worked my way down to her drooling cunt. An intoxicating odor arose from her and I began to lick her up and down.

The taste was like the nectar of the god's to me. Oh god, that feels great yes, suck my hot clit she said in answer to my ministrations. As her pussy throbbed and convulsed, it was flooded with her cum juices, which I didn't hesitate to slurp up. Now trade places with me and I'll show you what I can do. As I lay back on the bed, and my cock was as hard as it had ever been. Mom went to work slowly, kissing from the head of my dick down to my balls. Then she licked all the way back to the head, giving it a few quick licks. I was in Heaven, and I thought I would come any second.

I squirmed a little and Mom giggled. Oh God, I groaned. My mom went to work deep-throating my nine inches occasionally. This went on for a few minutes more until I couldn't hold back. My mom pulled her mouth off my cock. Then she moved up and kissed me deeply. My soften dick was instantly hard again at this revelation. I wanted to impale her on my dick more than ever now, and I told her so. I need it badly. Mom opened her mouth and caught the next splash of jizz right on her tongue, and then she took me back in to the head letting the last several squirts slosh right into her sweet, heavenly mouth.

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