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Protecting the health, safety, and human rights of sex workers

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Over time, definitions of the term sex work have evolved. Sex work is now often used to refer to womeen subset of participants engaged in the activity defined as prostitution. The interests and experiences of some prostitution participants are, ecxonomics, excluded from research and advocacy. Legislative issues have the ability to lead the conversation and determine research priorities. The primary problems associated with sex work are identified as the role of stigma, criminal law and law enforcement in increasing the risks experienced by sex workers. Advocates suggest that decriminalization has the potential to make the activity of prostitution safer.

For example, research suggests that criminal laws preclude sex workers from taking steps that could reduce their risk of experiencing violence.

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Some such measures include screening clients ahead of time and working together with cqnada. Inin finding three criminal prostitution laws unconstitutional, the Supreme Court of Canada agreed. They reasoned that the existing laws increased the risks of violence to prostitutes. They provided Parliament with 12 months to decide how to respond, and Parliament responded with the new legislation. They are not trafficked, they are consenting and they are adults. A distinction is drawn between so-called forced prostitution trafficking and free prostitution sex work. Advocates suggest that people have a right to choose sex work as an occupation, and that if they choose that occupation, they have the right to engage in it without violations of their human rights.

Amnesty International recently adopted a policy calling for the decriminalization of all aspects of adult consensual sex work. Amnesty defines sex work to include only consensual sex. Sex work is most often used to refer only to exchanges of sexual services between adults. What about other prostitution participants? The changes can be traced back towhen Vancouver police drafted a new policing strategy that completely overhauled how they deal with sex workers, and the sex trade more broadly. But Vancouver is a lone exception to the rule in Canada. An escort who gave her name as SB is silhouetted against a window as she poses at a downtown Vancouver apartment, Feb.

Their clients, too, are being targeted by police.

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A safe, indoors working environment is inaccessible to many women and men who work in the trade. And although statistical reporting is sparse, violence against sex workers has certainly not stopped in the rest of Canada like it largely has in Vancouver. Indeed, in alone, there were the murders of Sisi Thibert, a transgender sex worker in Montreal; Victoria Head, a sex worker and a mother from St. And when they won, they affirmed that work would be under way on these issues. And now, with just a year left before the next election, there is scant time left to introduce new legislation. After years of patience with the Liberals, sex workers are beginning to speak out again, frustrated by the lack of outcome from the consultations.

A constitutional challenge to the Harper-era laws is facing a Charter challenge in a London, Ont. Development of the policy through a transparent and participatory process, engaging a diverse range of sex workers from the global South and North. We are deeply concerned that the only public consultation to date is an e-consultation.

Such a process risks excluding many of those Sex industry workers women ecconomics canada are critical to the discussion — iindustry workers in communities with limited Internet eccknomics not familiar with UN jargon or human rights treaties. Anchored in human rights principles UN Women, as a UN agency dedicated to advancing gender equality and the human exconomics of women, should take as its starting point the respect, protection, promotion and fulfilment of human rights, enshrined in international and regional conventions and national constitutions. Any UN Women policy in relation to sex work should indystry sex workers as rights holders and decision makers. Furthermore, as Dorchen Leidholdt has pointed out, women in prostitution stop being marketable as sexual commodities in their early 30s, since the male demand is for younger women.

The fact is that this so-called sex work is temporary, and women end up with no job indkstry, often so debilitated that they ecconlmics unable to work, and more destitute than when they began. This has resulted in the widening of the diversity of settings in which sexual services are offered, and in the establishment of new ecdonomics more luxurious types of sex establishments" pp. The most invisible part of the sex industry is the buyer and his role and responsibility in creating the demand for prostitution. The ILO report offers no criticism of the male entitlement to buy women for the sex of prostitution. Citing the expanding reality of male demand for prostitution, and even acknowledging that "poverty has never stopped men from paying for sexual services" p.

The body of the prostituted woman is the vehicle with which the male buyer acts out his gender-based dominance. The ILO seems to assume that male biology dictates male sexual behavior, and that thus prostitution is inevitable. If not biologically inevitable, the ILO report does assume that prostitution is economically inevitable. The explicit recommendations of the report urge governments to recognize the right of men to buy women in the market sector because male purchasing power is increasing. This is no less that an economic rationalization of male sexual privilege and economic power. For example, the SAGE Program in San Francisco has designed a program to educate those men arrested for soliciting women in prostitution about the risks and impacts of their behavior.

When the sex sector is recognized as an economic sector, governments may be better able to regulate and monitor the expanding criminal elements of the industry such as organized crime, drug abuse, and especially child prostitution. The sex sector is not recognized Even if it were possible to remove the criminal element that controls the sex industry, or to limit prohibition only to child prostitution, these "solutions" can be compared to attempts to regulate slaveryas a business - a serious proposal at the height of the slave trade. They knew that these "economic sector solutions" were tantamount to reinforcing slavery as an oppressive institution.

As with slavery, prostitution per se is abuse, exploitation and an oppressive institution. Sexual exploitation violates the human rights of anyone subjected to it, whether adult or child. The criminal aspects of prostitution which the ILO report is critical of cannot be remedied without addressing the entire system of prostitution. Transforming the crime of prostitution into an official acceptance of it will only lead to entrenching organized crime. The legacy of slavery in the United States has been a legacy of the racial subordination and oppression of all African Americans. Slavery set the standard for the way the way African Americans, as a race, have been treated in the United States, although all African Americans were not enslaved.

For all African Americans, slavery generated a history of physical violence and racial hatred, a society based on segregation, and unequal access to all the basic rights of citizenship. Similarly, prostitution expresses the worth of all women. Prostitution has an enormous impact on the way men value and treat women in general and any woman in particular. Furthermore, the permissiveness of the legal climate encourages the illegal sector to grow.

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