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How to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Singapore

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The entire screening process will take about 20 minutes.

The pink card may not be used with other promotions. A cancerr screening can help to detect Breast Cancer early. Mammogram screening charges may vary across participating breast screening centres. If your results are normal, do remember to go for a mammogram screening next year if you are aged or in the next 2 years if you are aged If your results require further investigation, stay calm. Please call the participating breast screening centres from our list to schedule an appointment for your mammogram screening.

The liked of a mammogram paragraph varies across cheshire and private breast cancer centres. The amour takes less than 2 years.

Why is Mammogram Screening Important Early stages of Breast Cancer typically do not have funddation signs or symptoms Regular mammogram screening can help to detect Breast Cancer, even before lumps can be felt. Participants must complete and fill in all the particulars on the pink card. The compression takes less than 2 minutes. During the process, a female radiographer will place the breast between two flat plates and compress. For enquiries on the mammogram charges, please contact the participating breast screening centres.

Fundation Breast cancer

You should get a mammogram screening done once every two years if you are aged Appointments must be made by 30 Nov with the participating breast screening centres and the mammogram screening must be done ffundation 31 January Please wear a two-piece outfit on your appointment day. The cost of a mammogram screening varies across public and private breast screening centres. Some discomfort is to be expected as the breast needs to be compressed to take a clear X-ray. Participants who wish to use their Medisave for payment will need to check with the participating breast screening centres if such an option is available upon making the appointment.

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