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Hot Wife Rio

I'm off to the roi area of Hot Latex Rio. The midwestern news is that those lost heraldic pics fromand are not working quality and nice and respectful, thanked at x - well, except for when they're vidcaps, and that's the bad situations.

Did you read "my story" on the free parts of the site?

There's mentioned that Rio is Brazilian - well, could be an explanation for the great Housewufe Second point of key importance is the action performed on the site. Rio's site is definitely hardcore. There is nearly the full range of sex shown on the site. Starting with hot lingerie, strips, showing it all, dildo play up to severe fucking vaginal, oral, anal and especially cum shots.

Sex Housewife movies rio

My impression is detailed Houseife shots are sort of a hobby to Rio and her hubby Tommy. Rio takes them wherever they come, Houwewife obviously prefers them getting into the mouth and face. She even plays with the cum - there's one scene doing a cum-swap with another girl! There's of course more hardcore like having sex with several other amateur girls like Anna and Alysha and many more. Rio's limit seems to be extreme hardcore - no severe BDSM or kinky stuff like pissing. As mentioned in the introduction, there are three types of stuff offered by this site: At first there are the pics.

There's a real bunch of them.

Granted's a normal situation at colleges with cool uptimes. Wherever is being sex, ace ceramic, babysitter sex and do as well as more development porn from many, creampie and big ass.

The moviss exists since Each week a new picture wex is added - never saw a site with such regular and constant updates! So there are now around picture series provided there were some bonusses among them. Rii series has between 50 and 80 pictures, some less, but quite a lot Housewife rio sex movies more. The picture quality of the omvies series is very good, "very sharp, crystal clear, and very graphic" is not exagerrated. The resolution of the newer pictures goes up to great x, the real old ones only have x, and the less old ones are in Housedife. That's srx normal situation at sites with long uptimes.

There's a special movoes the picture series that should get mentioned. So far I only have seen this on Racquel's site Racquel's World in a comparable manner: Most series start with photos but then while the action gets more hot switch to screenshots from videos, which of course don't have the resolution and quality of the normal pics. I think that's typical for couples not wanting to use an explicit photographer. On the other hand it's a little bit sad that quite a lot of the hard action shots thus are not top quality. Of course it's more difficult to catch a great cum shot with a photo camera than on video.

The second big part of the site contents are the movies. You might have guessed it reading my explanations about the pics - many movies were taken during the photoshoots and thus have the same or very close content. The oldest videos are offered in clips and shown at x They're mostly good amateur quality. Then in October of comes the change to broadband and dialup sizes for each movie. The dialup vids are honestly a little on the large side for dialup users, but for the first time, we get to see Rio at x The first few broadband videos are amateur to good amateur quality, with a bitrate of around kbps.

These look good but aren't good enough to enlarge to full screen without a loss of quality. The good news is that most of the pic sets are high quality digital stills.

The best news is that those high quality pics fromand are generally good quality and nice and large, shown at x - well, except for when they're vidcaps, and that's the bad news. Yes, some of the pic sets are vidcaps, which means lower quality and smaller pics. Still, there's enough swx quality pics to keep members busy, although in and the pics are medium sized and amateur quality. Rio truly Se a hot wife. She loves role playing, pretending to be a golf caddy which leads to a facial on Houseaife golf coursean escort and a cheerleader. You'll see her in lingerie, fantasy outfits or nothing at all. And Rio deepthroats, loves to play with dildos and man - does Rio ever love to fuck and lick pussy!

In addition to her pics, videos and journal, Rio does 2 live shows a week through the Camz network and you can also enjoy her archived live shows. There are also a couple ezines listed in her site that are worth a look, although these are full of advertising. Fun Stuff is a section full of video games and her girlfriends section are galleries showing other wives and amateurs in action. And if you want even more of Rio, check out her scrapbook and her video journal. Her video journal doesn't update that much anymore, but there's 29 episodes of her getting sexy or telling us about what's happening in her life. A fun section that is definitely worth checking out.

That's a whole lotta porno, and there are some interesting niches listed. There is midget sex, black anal, babysitter sex and lactation as well as more mainstream porn like teens, creampie and big cock. This is actually quite a collection of porno niches, and I think members will find the bonus feeds add a lot of bang for their buck. Hot Wife Rio is great site with very regular updates and live shows as well as journals and more.

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