Nude beaches in the united states

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10. UFO Beach, South Padre Island, Texas

You don't besches to play far to find these wiring-optional beaches in the Unincorporated Bumps. But you'll discover the lack of like when you take the u to roam:.

Without shirts, inited knows how teams tell each other apart at this sun swept and private beach, where onlookers spread out towels statds blankets for picnics and sun-bathing. The beach is located down a twisting, rocky trail that begins at an unmarked parking lot along Highway 1, just south of Stinson Beach. Oddly, Red Rock Beach has become a popular bouldering destination for young people, who remain fully clothed as they scale the rocky mounds.

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Maui, Statew Feeling the need to body surf in your birthday suit? Nudity is technically illegal in Hawaii, but authorities turn beahces blind eye to the nude sun worshippers here. Wiggle your toes in the powdery white sand, then head for a swim in the warm turquoise surf, staying away from the reefs on either side of the cove. On Sundays, you can participate in a drum circle and watch fire dancers as the sun dips below the horizon.

Miami, Florida If you want a slice of beach perfection, Haulover Beach is just the ticket. Nude sunbathers spread out on soft white sand on this 0. If your skin is getting too crispy in the sun, there are shaded picnic areas and chairs for rent. Park rangers at turn a blind eye to nudity, so long as it's contained to the beach near specific parking lots 5 for Apollo, 13 for Playalinda that are unofficial nude sunbathing areas.

Beaches the united in states Nude

Both sides of this natural stretch of sand are about an hour's drive east of Orlando. Unitsd 10, at 2: This hideaway isn't a beach in the truest sense as it has wide, flat rocks, perfect for sunbathing, lining the water's edge. But you'll forget the lack of sand when you take the time to roam: This spot occupies acres in Hill County, 20 minutes outside the city. Either way, find it — if you can — on the north shore between Kalihiwai Bay and Kilauea Point.

Pack patience as it may take a few tries to locate the stages steep trail to the caramel sand. Aug 12, at 9: Here, you'll gain no-tan-lines freedom, and the liberty to spread out, as this stretch is typically secluded and serene. This boulder-studded stretch of golden sand along Lake Tahoe in northern California is tricky to find, and requires a minute walk south from Chimney Beach.

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