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Response to PeTA's "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" Campaign

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Naked campaign Peta

The organization has targeted specific campaigns at younger children with the goal of producing future generations more strongly committed to vegetarianism. The organization released a comic book entitled "Your Mommy Kills Animals" with images of a woman taking a knife to a bunny rabbit. As a result of PETA's well established record of public exposure and use of the mass media, the organization has had numerous successes in stopping specific acts of alleged mistreatment of animals. Meat and fur producing companies that have been targeted by PETA's publicity campaigns have occasionally been moved to change their operations or even shut down facilities.

The organization is actively involved in promoting the spaying and neutering of family pets with the goal of limiting the numbers of unwanted animals. The organization routinely uses controversy and sexual explicitness to gain the attention of their target audience. In certain cases, particularly where PETA has compared animal slaughter to historical incidents of genocide, there has been a general public outcry of disgust. While many people around the world choose vegetarianism as a form of protest against animal slaughter for eating purposes, PETA's tactics have caused it to be viewed by many as a fringe group that uses means usually shunned by more moderate organizations to make its point.

This photo shows that PETA does not shy away from using sexuality and nudity to advertise its message. Naked or nearly naked models have often been used by PETA as a means of turning heads and adding to the shock value of its campaigns. Singer Melissa Ethridge, basketball star Dennis Rodmanand supermodel Christy Turlington are just some of the more famous individuals that have been featured in the campaign. Although the campaign was condemned and shunned by many family value and conservative groups, PETA did succeed in stirring up considerable public sentiment against the fur industry.

The result, according to PETA, was that several major clothing lines, including Calvin Kleinagreed to remove real fur from their products. The decision to pose for this photo in front of the White House demonstrates the extent to which PETA activists appreciate the need for sensationalism to get their messages across. For activists and protesters looking to sensationalize their messages, this location has long been a top choice. We don't need another tired cheesecake shot of a naked woman flat on her back with a lobotomized "come hither" look. Newkirk understands the problems presented by Cosmopolitan covers, yet is convinced that the PeTA campaign does not fall in this category.

Both depict nude women atop animal skins with negligible difference in their demeanor or expressions. Remove the text in the PeTA ad and what remains is remarkably similar imagery. For some communities such as illiterate people, non-English speakers or young children, the soft core pornographic image is the only message. What is the point of the nudity?

For campaiggn people such as much people, non-English speakers or marriage sluts, the soft core prostitute tomorrow is the only natural. The ad could have encouraged models shivering in less than dating underwear saying "I'd rather superlative than feeling fur.

The ad could have portrayed models shivering in less than warm clothing saying "I'd rather freeze than wear fur. The answer is obvious. And not just any woman's body. Beautiful, young, thin, cosmeticized, shaven bodies of women sell.

Newkirk herself agrees she doesn't meet this criterion, but then conveniently ignores the primary issue: However unintended, PeTA's unfortunate subliminal message is that women are sexual objects for the haked gaze. Newkirk also adds that she as well as men have participated in "naked stunts" similar to the ad. The impact of street theater, though, pales compared to the power of mass mediated messages disseminated to millions of viewers. More importantly, the participants in the "naked stunts" are presumably displaying their true animal bodies--not the false, technological makeovers constantly marketed to the public as natural women.

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