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Teen Health: When Should Parents Stop Going to Doctor’s Appointments?

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No matter how snd something might be to you, it probably won't surprise your doctor. Your doctor is there to help, not judge or punish.

If you've been going to the same doctor all your life, you may wonder if the doctor will be disappointed in you when you want to talk about sex or personal dotor. That's what doctors do all the time, though. Your doctor is interested in keeping you healthy, not judging you for something you have or haven't done. For this reason, a person who is concerned about a sensitive topic, such as having an STD, shouldn't avoid going Teej the doctor. Not having things like STDs checked might only make docor condition worse or lead to a permanent health problem, such as infertility. A doctor's role is to listen respectfully, examine, educate, and treat people, not criticize them.

If you think your doctor is judging or preaching to you, talk to your parents about finding another doctor. It's your job to talk openly about your symptoms and concerns. A doctor can't help you unless you tell the whole story. Even if you're uncomfortable, being open and honest will only benefit you. Most doctors realize that people can feel uncomfortable about raising sensitive issues, and they try to be good listeners. This approach can jump-start communication and help put you at ease. Many people find that once they've brought the subject up and gotten past those first nervous moments, they feel a lot more comfortable talking openly.

Lots of teens feel comfortable talking to their parents about all of their medical issues, but others prefer to keep certain aspects of their health private. Because parents usually need to stay involved somewhat until their child reaches age 18, it can help to find a "middle ground" that meets your privacy concerns and your parents' needs. Here are some ideas on approaching your parents about taking charge of your medical care: Express your interest in taking an active role in your medical care. Start by talking with your parents about things you'd like to handle by yourself, like making appointments, calling your doctor with questions, and seeing the doctor alone for part of the time.

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Most doctors will allow a teen to go to an appointment alone if a parent calls and gives permission for treatment. When andd HPV vaccinations, which can help prevent Teen and doctor types of cancer, it is imperative to give the vaccine before a teenager is potentially infected, meaning well doctlr the child is thinking about having sex. We doftor discuss how much sleep they're dotcor versus what they may need at any given age, texting and driving and how it is never OK, how many hours they spend in front of a screen, what to do if they forget to wear their bike helmet, or are being bullied or cyberbullied," she said. In his experience, Klein said, only about 1 in or 1 in parents will speak out against a private visit between teenager and doctor or a semi-private visit—say the parent is present for the physical exam, and then asked to step out of the room.

Few teenagers share their decision to become sexually active with a parent, he said. But to ensure that they have the information they need about preventing an unwanted pregnancy or avoiding a sexually transmitted disease, it is important that doctors properly educate teenagers on their reproductive health.

A good doctor should put you at ease. If your doctor doesn't have enough time to listen to you or seems preachy, it's time to find someone who is better suited to your needs. If you see an adolescent medicine doctor, you'll probably spend more time talking than you have with doctors in the past. That's especially true if it's your first visit. You might discuss things that aren't even related to why you came to see the doctor in the first place. Talking like this helps the doctor learn about your background so he or she can tailor health advice and treatment to your unique needs.

Depending on why you're seeing the doctor, you may have a physical exam. Adolescent medicine specialists usually try to spend some time with their patients alone. Such visits would include a full history and examination, and age specific counseling about healthful habits and potentially risky behaviors. Optimally, at least part of the visit would be conducted without the presence of the parent, to provide an opportunity for open discussion of drug and alcohol use, sexuality and sexual activity, smoking and other sensitive topics. Additionally, recent changes in immunization policy have made some newer vaccines available to adolescents including the human papilloma vaccine and the meningococcal vaccine.

Anecdotally, it appears that adolescents do not visit their doctors every year, possibly because they assume the sports physical at their school is an adequate visit, they don't have health insurance, and they feel and appear healthy and therefore do not seek medical care. A recent study published in the April issue of Pediatrics assessed whether adolescents were actually getting the recommended medical care, both in frequency of annual visits, and in the nature of the visits themselves. These studies confirmed informal observations: In fact, teens are not seeing their doctors nearly often enough and those that are often don't receive all the recommended components of the visit.

The researchers investigated the frequency and the kind of care of a group of year olds received from to They obtained their information on the number of adolescent visits from a medical expenditure survey performed by an organization that estimates health care use, insurance coverage and medical expenses for the US population.

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TTeen They then interviewed the teens' caregivers to find out the nature and content of the visits. Specific physical exam items included measurement of height, weight, and blood pressure. Specific counseling items included discussion of dental care, seat belt and sports helmet use, healthy eating and exercise, and second hand smoke exposure.

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