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Teen Pregnancy Issues and Challenges

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This approach should prevanicies "providing age-appropriate comprehensive sexuality education for all young people, investing in girls' education, preventing child marriage, sexual violence and coercion, building gender-equitable societies by empowering girls and engaging men and boys and ensuring adolescents' access to sexual and reproductive health information as well as services that welcome them and facilitate their choices". Teenage pregnancy puts young women at risk for health issues, economic, social and financial issues.

Being a young mother in a first world country can affect one's education. Teen mothers are more likely to drop out of high school.

Less than one third of teenage mothers receive any form of child support, vastly increasing the likelihood of turning to the government for assistance. For instance, long-term studies by Duke Teen preganicies economist V. Joseph Hotz and colleagues, published infound that by age 35, former teen mothers had earned more in income, paid more in taxes, were substantially less likely to live in poverty and collected less in public assistance than similarly poor women who waited until their 20s to have babies. Women who became mothers in their teens—freed from child-raising duties by their late 20s and early 30s to pursue employment while poorer women who waited to become Teen preganicies were still stuck at home watching their young children—wound up paying more in taxes than they had collected in welfare.

Many teen parents do not have the intellectual or emotional maturity that is needed to provide for another life. The children of teen mothers are more likely to be born prematurely with a low birth weight, predisposing them to many other lifelong conditions. The worldwide incidence of premature birth and low birth weight is higher among adolescent mothers. That is because the Latino population is the least uninsured group in the Unites States [42] Young mothers who are given high-quality maternity care have significantly healthier babies than those who do not. Many of the health-issues associated with teenage mothers appear to result from lack of access to adequate medical care.

Young mothers and their babies are also at greater risk of contracting HIV. The maternal mortality rate can be up to five times higher for girls aged 10—14 than for women aged 20— Illegal abortion also holds many risks for teenage girls in areas such as sub-Saharan Africa. Obstructed labour is normally dealt with by caesarean section in industrialized nations ; however, in developing regions where medical services might be unavailable, it can lead to eclampsiaobstetric fistulainfant mortalityor maternal death. For example, in some sub-Saharan African countries, early pregnancy is often seen as a blessing because it is proof of the young woman's fertility.

In the Indian subcontinentearly marriage and pregnancy is more common in traditional rural communities than in cities.

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Many teenagers are not taught about methods of birth control and how to deal with peers who pressure them into having sex before they are ready. Many pregnant teenagers do not have any cognition of the central facts of sexuality. In societies where children are set to work at an early age, it is economically attractive to have many children. Countries with low levels of teenagers giving birth accept sexual relationships among teenagers and provide comprehensive and balanced information about sexuality. One study found that the younger sisters of teen mothers were less likely to emphasize the importance of education and employment and more likely to accept human sexual behaviorparentingand marriage at younger ages; younger brothers, too, were found to be more tolerant of non-marital and early births, in addition to being more susceptible to high-risk behaviors.

Adolescent sexuality In most countries, most males experience sexual intercourse for the first time before their 20th birthday. Role of drug and alcohol use[ edit ] Inhibition-reducing drugs and alcohol may possibly encourage unintended sexual activity. If so, it is unknown if the drugs themselves directly influence teenagers to engage in riskier behavior, or whether teenagers who engage in drug use are more likely to engage in sex.

Preganicies Teen

Correlation does not imply causation. The drugs with the strongest evidence linking them to teenage pregnancy are alcoholcannabis"ecstasy" and other substituted amphetamines. The drugs with the least evidence to support a link to early pregnancy are opioidssuch as heroinmorphineand oxycodoneof which a well-known effect is the significant reduction of libido — it appears that teenage opioid users have significantly reduced rates of conception compared to their non-using, and alcohol"ecstasy"cannabis, and amphetamine using peers. Precocious puberty Girls who mature Teen preganicies precocious puberty are more likely to engage in sexual intercourse at a younger age, which in turn puts them at greater risk of teenage pregnancy.

Birth control Adolescents may lack knowledge of, or access to, conventional methods of preventing pregnancy, as they may be too embarrassed or frightened to seek such information. Do something extra around the house to let them know you are thinking of them. And above all else, be truthful with them! On the flip side, your parents may feel overbearing because they want to make sure you and the baby are okay. Speak up calmly if you feel the need, but know that they are doing this because they care. Some discover that during a teen pregnancy, their parents speak out against the pregnancy and look not to continue it, and some may even kick you out of the house.

If this is the case, know that there is help out there for you. Call us at to find a local pregnancy center or maternity home for assistance. High school or college with a teen pregnancy High School If you are in high school, you probably have a lot of questions about how your life will look now and after you have the baby. Maybe you have a lot of symptoms like morning sickness that cause you to be tardy or have to run out of class. This will take a lot of communication between you, your parents, your school leadership, your teachers, and your doctor.

Your doctor may tell you that your sport is not safe during pregnancy. If your due date is during the school year, you may need to make up time in summer school or do extra work ahead of time. Talk to your counselor, your principal, and then your teachers. This way the curriculum and timing are made just for you and you can still finish high school. If your pregnancy is high-risk or you do not feel that you can handle schoolwork, you may want to look into classes towards earning your GED on your own time.

If you choose adoption, you will be relatively back to normal again after 9 months and able to continue, perhaps, as planned. Many colleges offer some type of childcare program, and if you go to a school nearby, you may be able to work childcare out with your parents if they are willing. College If you are in college already, you will want to plan ahead. Do you need to take a semester off? What kind of childcare does the college offer? Can you keep up a job along with classes?

If you plan to stay with your partner, he will need to figure out some earning possibilities too. Ask questions early; the more you know, the more possibilities are open to you. It will not be easy, especially when you are pregabicies with being pregnant and the symptoms that come with it, or after pregnancy when you have a newborn. However, there are ways that you can preganiceis in college classes and graduate. Women like you Teenn it every day! After a teen pregnancy: Hopefully, Teen preganicies job will work with you. Remember that in many states it is illegal to fire or layoff an employee due to pregnancy or medical leave.

Providing for a newborn can mean financial budgeting or difficulty. Put your paychecks toward the most important things first: Here are some tips: Figure out what money you bring in each month, and from there you will see how much you can spend on each thing. There are coupons in magazines, weekly ads, and a ton more online. The trick with couponing is that you never want to buy something just because you have a coupon for it; only clip coupons for things you already need and buy. A lot of women ask for diapers of all sizes for their baby shower gifts, so especially if money is tight, consider doing this.

You will have to cut back on unnecessary habits — hair and nail appointments, eating at restaurants, new clothes unless necessary for work, or shop at a thrift storetrips, days at the spa, etc.

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