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Draw the liquid up with a clean syringe with the needle removed. Lube applicator Some people also use lube injectors lube shooters or lube launchers to booty bump, which can be even more effective than syringes because they are designed specifically for placing fluids into the rectal cavity. Add a bit of lube to the outside of the syringe and to the inside of your butt for smoother entry and to prevent rips or tears. Lie on your side or find a position where you can reach to insert the syringe into your butt. After a few minutes, carefully pull the syringe out.

Damage to the rectum and bleeding can increase the risk of HIV and STI transmission during anal sex and can also be painful. To reduce this risk, it can be helpful to alternate between booty bumping and other modes of administration such as snorting or smoking. Lube up the inside of your butt with petroleum jelly before booty bumping to prevent damage to your anal canal, and insert a Vitamin E capsule afterwards to promote healing. Start with a clean surface, wash your hands with soap, and use only sterile water, syringes and other materials. Sharing a syringe causes similar risks, so make sure you have your own syringe.

Boofing has a rich history in my social circle. As an immature group of somethings stumbling blindly through adulthood, we sometimes turn to drugs to escape our day-to-day struggle.

Shoving them up our butt was a natural next step. When I first experienced boofing, all the outside variables were perfectly in place. The setting was a small 4-day camping festival in southern Colorado called Sonic Bloom. The lineup of psychedelic electronic artists inspired a drug-indulgent haven.

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Its attendees were ideal — all overwhelmingly wooks. Wooks are a sub-species of hippie, but even filthier, hairier, more doped up and more unemployed. It seemed the wooks had crawled out of their K-holes and washed up on one dusty patch of land to create a kingdom of zero hygiene and substance abuse. We were happy to indulge. We had the will to keep partying, but the old delivery methods of any drugs seemed far from appealing. Too bloated to chug beer. Too congested to snort cocaine. Too squeamish to shoot liquor.

The running joke of exploiting our poopers for a shelfinv was looking less like a laugh and more like a feasible doping option. We went to work researching the risks and benefits, as well as how to administer a boof to our buttholes. As a whole, the members seemed to support boofing as a viable ROA, or route of administration. They say it takes advantage of the high number of blood vessels and capillaries in your butt. They say this speeds up the absorption process for a stronger come-up and longer lasting high. The community also taught us that ass-dosing comes in many shapes and sizes, and goes by many different names.

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