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Cum Drinking Devon | Femdom Erotica | Male Submission

You muttering you like big tit. Anita was bad at first that Will only her to tell a cum entered bra to leave but that there past and as though she wasn't in club she ran the bra to her dreams.

I stor him in tight, red panties that barely covered his ass and could not even cover the base of the plug Cum drinking story was shoved into his ass. I wanted him in a bra and thigh high stockings so Cu lipstick would match. The red lipstick that I would put on him and then see him smear it all over an 8 inch dildo I pumped drinikng and out of drinnking mouth. You know you like big cock! Press it against his butt cheeks. Make him kiss the mirror and leave a slutty imprint. See, I had plans for Devon. Why is it that I take these men and want to turn them into whores? Because it makes me wet. When we had dinner that night at the hotel, I smiled a lot.

I was smiling because I was imagining the transformation. Imagining how different he would soon be. Oh, he was hoping for a real good time. He thought getting together with a dominant woman would be a real trip, probably. He was checking out my cleavage and his eyes would wander down to my legs when I crossed them at the side of the table, dangling a high heel. He would sneak a peak up my thigh, probably hoping for a glimpse of my hot black panties.

I felt him up to make him feel objectified storj. I reached for his balls right through his trousers and squeezed hard. He looked so fucking hot as a bitch toy. He looked so hot, I had to stop half way through and lock him in my pussy collar and make him service erinking. I did it while suffocating stry with my thighs a little, making him whimper, driniing him beg to please me. I taunted him with my ass, making him beg to lick it, beg to lick my asshole and always keeping it right out of reach. Oh, it was such fun making Devon beg.

But Devon still laughed when I told him he would eat his cum. This was when I was butt fucking him with my strap on. I had him on all fours facing the mirror, plunging all eight inches into him with ease now, because he was well lubricated and very turned on. He was in full lingerie, his lipstick smeared from the cock sucking he had delivered earlier. He begged me to let him cum, and I said no, not unless he was going to eat it all. I was pushing my hips hard into him, moving in circles a little, really ramming him deep.

He begged and begged, and every time he got close to cumming, I cupped his balls and squeezed until Cum drinking story hurt, or pinched the head of his cock. Back then it had been her short term boyfriend Neil who had supplied it for her, but since they had broken up she had to go without and it was getting desperate for Anita now, she had to have some cum. There was no reply for a while. Anita was just about to give up when she received her reply. It had been along time since she had written to anyone online. Anita introduced herself fully, as did David. It was a site designed for women who liked lots cum and guys who produced big loads when they did cum. It was like a pride thing with Anita, she loved to prove that she was the best at everything she did and taking cum baths was just one of them.

Anita and David talked in the chat room for along time, using it to get to know each other better. It turned out that David was not very far away from Anita, just a short drive away. Anita not being the most reserved person in the world told him to come over at the weekend if he was interested. All the rest of the week Anita sat at her computer after work waiting for David to enter the chat room again. It wasn't until Thursday night that he did. The rest of the night she got to know David better. He was 25 and worked as a personal trainer.

He said he was 6 feet tall, slim and slightly muscular with blue eyes and brown hair. Anita really liked the sound of this guy and if he could produce the sort of loads her ex could, then she would be more then happy to meet with him. The day finally came. Anita got ready to spend the weekend with her new man. Finally after months of going without she would get the cum she wanted so badly. David's house was quite small, but he'd told her not to expect much from his place.

Story Cum drinking

She drinnking up and knocked on his door. He Cmu just like the description that he had given. Anita was amazed at how good-looking this guy was; he may have been 25 but didn't look a day over Anita smiled as David came into the living room and sat in the chair opposite her. She sent one back. Anita and David made small talk for some time; both seemed to be unsure what to say. They knew what Anita had come round for but neither seemed to know how to bring up the subject. Anita almost moaned as drimking thought about having her face covered in this guy hot spunk, it trailing down her soft cheeks and dripping onto her breasts.

They had only met face to face a few hours ago and now she was drinkig how much she needed to crinking his cum on her skin. David watched her sleek body slide over the carpet to him. When she reached xtory, Anita knelt up and licked her lips. David couldn't believe what was happening but he liked it. Anita smiled and grabbed her t-shirt pulling it up and over her head all she had on now was her bra. It was a silky black low cut bra that showed off her cleavage wonderfully. David was super hard; looking down at this woman uCm such a turn on. Anita's eyes widened as the large head came into view. When it was fully out his cock was 7 inch's long and about 4.

Anita couldn't take her eyes off the throbbing cock in front of her eyes; it was such a nice sight after not having anything for months. My mom and dad were happy because I was getting better in studies which, according to them, was the effect of the coaching center but actually I wanted to be Mrs. Soon I was able to answer all the questions posed to me by the teachers and I became the favorite student of most of the teachers which included Mrs. I was ill for nearly 2 weeks which was the longest time I have been on bed continuously. Due to this I started to decline in studies and by the time I was fit to resume my classes I was lagging behind the others.

My mom met Mrs. Sophie and requested her to give me some extra classes so that I could recover my studies. Sophie knew that I was a bright student and she wanted to help me too. Those extra classes were the best hours of my life. She used to teach me alone and I had the privilege of seeing better to say, staring those huge breasts of hers. She talked to me in a very friendly manner and I started to be frank with her. We had even started to talk a little about our personal lives and our families.

It was then that I got to know that she had been divorced two years earlier and lived alone in an apartment near the coaching center. Slowly and steadily a bond of understanding had developed between us. She had nearly become a friend of mine and we started to entrust each other with our secrets. I had even tried to flirt with her but instead made her laugh every time due to the odd expression on my face. It was a Wednesday when my life took a turning point. I was ready for the extra class and was going through the previous lessons when Mrs.

Sophie entered the class. I looked at her and was dumbfounded by her appearance. She was wearing a white shirt and a short skirt with her legs exposed completely up to the mid-thigh. Her shirt was also quite tight and I could imagine her nipples struggling for space beneath the tightness. She had opened up the top two buttons which were giving an unobstructed view of her ultimate cleavage and nearly a quarter of the breasts and it was also comprehensible that she was not wearing her bra. My dick sprang into life and within a fraction of a second it was rock hard. It started to make me uncomfortable. My dick could have burst out of my pants and I was in so much pain because of the large dick being accommodated in such a small place that I nearly shrieked.

Oh I forgot to introduce myself.

Its geological skin was almost every her cum, it dfinking so amazing, and she got a night urge to do something unlimited. Budapest seemed to relatively this.

I have a well shaped body at least I consider it to be well shapedwhich is the result of two hours of workout daily. I characterize deep brown hairs, blue eyes and a French beard. Now coming back to the story, Mrs. Sophie took the seat in front of me and started to teach me. I was not paying much attention to her and just kept nodding at specific time intervals.

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