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January 23, And Bly, boomers are feeling more pressure to cope with not only their own health, but that of their parents. If you want to self-diagnose, you're going to be looking for information. When everyone has timely access to relevant information, the consumers gets the best d Tracked: November 8, 2: The company's crawled 62, of the top health web sites they have 40 million pages indexed and hooked in with some of the top medical databases. The company will also sell its search technology to other medical sites.

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gratuuit TrackBack URL for this entry: It started life during the tail end of the boom as YourDoctor. Healthlinea new health search engine out of San Francisco, thinks it's found its spot. Much of the health information collected over the years - and used in the enterprise product - is being leveraged for Healthline.

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