Fn 5.7 penetrate kevlar

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5.7x28mm Versus Body Armor

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So with Penerate armor piercing ammo, the round did in fact defeat the armor. The Five-seven's magazine can be disassembled for cleaning or lubrication kevlra removing the polymer floorplate. The 16 inch barrel surely helped the velocity of the round. The USG retained the changes that were incorporated in the IOM, but it had further modifications, including a conventionally shaped square trigger guard, a tightly checkered grip pattern, and a larger, reversible magazine release.

In the Very Ladies, the Five-seven is definitely laden by over law enforcement authorities, with the U. So that is that for the 5.

kelar Next up is the armor piercing stuff from the long gun: Another good hit this time: Here is the sporting ammunition: Controversy[ edit ] The Five-seven penetratee and 5. However the sporting ammunition failed to penetrate and was successfully stopped: In the United States, the Five-seven is currently used by over law enforcement agencies, including the U. These rounds are restricted for sale to government bodies and law enforcement agencies by FN, which is why I conscripted my friend Chris to help with the test. Again, this is not the armor piercing ammunition… …and as such it did not penetrate the helmet: All in all the 5.

So that is that for the 5. It had no manual safety device kevlat it was double-action onlywith a heavy trigger pull of 4. So the helmet held up surprisingly well to the round, but what about a new, unexpired IIIA vest with 4 years of life left? The MK2 is slightly wider than previous models and will not fit most custom holsters made for earlier versions of the Five-seven.

5.7 penetrate kevlar Fn

It is one of the most controversial handguns of our time, and was so even before the Fort Hood atrocity. And we had a direct hit: SS sporting ammunition from a handgun will not penetrate IIIA armor SS armor piercing ammunition from a handgun will defeat soft body armor 5. Well I was really excited about this one and I set the armor up on a cinder block. And with the armor piercing ammunition, the round DID penetrate the armor on one side, but flattened out against the backside!

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