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After the rice cakes were placed around the kakashi, the pile was set ablaze and the god was released.

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You could also feature a shishi-odoshi as part of your aquarium. At first the Japanese farmers hung old rags, meat, or fish scarcrow from bamboo poles in their fields. What I love so much about shishi-odoshi is that they provide an alternative sound to running water. Japanese farmers also began making scarecrows to protect their rice fields about the same time the Greeks and Romans made their wooden statues.

Asiam A shishi-odoshi could provide some compelling authenticity bamboi a Japanese-themed aquascape, all while incorporating an interesting audio element. Imagine retreating to your backyard zen pond, closing your eyes, and letting the stress of the day melt out of you as you count five shishi-odoshi impacts — one for each minute. Usually done on the tenth day of the tenth lunar month. When the autumn harvest was completed, the kakashi were taken down and stacked in a pile.

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The farmers prepared rice cakes to thank the god for his service and to provide bambok for his long journey back to the mountains. You can even control how frequently the shishi-odoshi moves — a faster water flow will be more frequent and a slower water flow will be less frequent. It acts like a scarecrow — or a scaredeer, scareboar, or scare-anything. Soon Japanese farmers also made scarecrows that looked like people. The kakashi could see everything, and the birds who landed on them whispered secrets to the god.

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