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Loving Sex DVD Series The G-spot & Female Ejaculation 1 EA

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Review by LedAstray on Orfasm 22, Version: Vista bit Ease of use: GSpot even analyzed correctly a. Review by vidalien on Oct 13, Version: So at many different levels, she understands what's needed for a woman to feel physically, mentally, and emotionally relaxed and sensitive enough to enjoy G-spot stimulation and ejaculation. Our Bodies, Our Selves. They need to take that and own it, and learn and make it work for them.

Spot orgasm dvd G

Then they can take what they know orasm share it with their partners. What is the G-spot? Where is it located? What are the sensations that women are and are not feeling in their bodies?

These are key questions. It's about coming to understand the difference between a G-spot orgasm and a clitoral orgasm, both intellectually and physically. Beginning about four years ago, it's been sweeping the bedrooms of the Western world. Many people are getting educated about it to varying degrees. Some women are learning and studying, and others just hear the word and decide to give it a try at home. Either way, the doors are open and people are hungry for the information and eager to try it out.

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