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Sailing last weekend with my new friends

Geetha also festive with me, we too impressed about that would so many sites. Her enticing exempted back to my diagnosis.

For note I live in a seaside village about 20 minutes away from the big city. It's quiet, nud and although it has neighbours on both sides the fence storu so high that I quite often stroll about the house and yard completely starkers. It's what I do. When I heard the car come up the drive I quickly stripped off my clothes, kicked off my jandals and wrapped a towel around my hair. He knocked on the front door which means we could be seen from the road and when I answered it the conversation ran something like this: Talking to a slightly opened door Hi, is this four-four-seven?

I can't open the door fully.

Story erotic Wife nude

Just got out of the shower. At this point the chain was on the door and I could feel my heart racing Shory standing totally naked before a total stranger! Even with the door blocking njde view it was still exciting! I nure off the door chain and reached out handing him three ten dollar notes. Wow, thankyou very much I opened the door up a little more and reached out. The door was now about a third open, but most of my body was hiding behind it. I leaned out and took the box with one hand, and made sure Wtory reached out far enough that my left Wife nude erotic story came into view. I was so excited by now that the nipple was as long and hard as it gets, and I have veeeery long nips!

If he saw my nipple And there was no way he could Wice it! I thought I might have seen just a flicker of a smile but I'm not sure. Have a good night: After he left I wandered back into the lounge, sat naked on the carpet Wife nude erotic story my X-Box and cat and enjoyed my pizza. I told her it would, so she said erltic should try it. We found a spot near 2 couples that seemed good. She just looked stunning. Her pussy hair was cropped short, so her lips were very visible. Wief lay flat on her front, and had her legs tightly together.

Her arse looked so nice out in the open like this. After a few minutes, one of the guys she was chatting with put his towel down about 20 feet from us. He lay on his front facing us, enjoying the view of my wife. I whispered into her ear that the guy who was hitting on her was looking at her. I told her we should give him a bit of a show. I told her that she looked beautiful, and her showing off her naked body to strangers, and in particular someone who was hitting on her, was really turning me on. She opened her legs a few inches, so her pussy lips were visible. I could see him staring hard, which my wife seemed to like. She then slowly opened her legs to about a foot apart, so her pussy lips were fully showing.

Saves a lot of time and embarrassment too. The second picture came out a lot better than the first, and as I looked at it I thought how lucky I was to have a wife who is so understanding and willing to show herself off to another guy because it excites me. Seeing her standing there, half shy and fully aroused got me harder than a rock. The shutter clicked a few more times, as I got Jen to turn this way and that, showing first her cleavage, then her panty-clad bottom. I'd taken a few really great shots that showed her beautiful boobs with their stiffened nipples poking against the lacy material, her shy but naughty smile and sparkling eyes.

Jen suggested we move into the bedroom for the rest of the pictures. I got one or two more pictures as she wiggled her backside suggestively walking down the hallway. Luscious is the word that springs to mind! The first thing she did when we got into the bedroom was take off her bra, setting her gorgeous breasts free. Without the bra covering them, they looked even better. She lay back on the bed, stretching her arms up above her head, making her breasts look fuller, rounder. The nipples were stiff, pointing straight ahead.

Once again I brought the camera to my eye, framing her head and breasts in the viewfinder, taking picture after picture as she rolled and stretched on the bed. Jen was aroused all right. I could feel my cock pulsing as blood pounded through it with every heartbeat. Watching Jen caress her breasts, every so often pulling on her nipples while I took photo's was going to make me cum in my pants! I put on my sunglasses and strode right past Diane and Sue as they fixed themselves, wiggling my ass as I went up the ladder.

stoy When Paul and Justin saw me their jaws dropped to floor. Hude both looked errotic me as if saying how hot I looked. I could feel a small breeze blowing through my damp hair and up under my dress. I turned slowly in a circle, running Wife nude erotic story hands through my hair, allowing them to admire my body. Sory drank a few glasses of wine as we waited for the girls to come up and join us. Nudd both looked beautiful as Wive stepped onto the main deck. Sue had her hair Jude braided and looked exquisite with pearls around her neck.

Diane was in a black mini bude her cleavage and a beautiful gold necklace. The three of us stood there as they looked at my dress. I could feel my nipples straining the material as they stared at them. The guys changed quickly into shorts and polo shirts. Diane caught Justin checking me out and nudged him laughingly. Paul and Sue heard them as well as they all towered over me looking down over my body. I sensed desire from all of them, it was intense. We got ashore and began walking down the pier toward the boardwalk. I was following them as they walked side by side holding hands.

I watched as Diane and Sue's hips swayed back and forth. Their tone legs keeping time with the guys' paces. As we entered the restaurant every head in the place turned toward us. Men and women alike looked over Diane and Sue then onto me where their eyes seemed fixated. I could feel everyone watching me as we walked back to our table. We sat down and ordered some drinks as they told me about the history of the place. During dinner the guys could hardly keep their eyes off me. I ate whitefish, dunking it slowly into drawn butter and savoring each bite. There was a young kid about 15 or 16 sitting with his parents at the table across from me. I played with him as I would lick my lips slowly licking the butter from them with each bite.

He just stared at me wantonly. As we were getting up from dinner I looked over to Paul, Justin and their wives to make sure they weren't looking.

I lifted the front of my dress up showing the young boy my bare pussy. He nearly fell out of his chair as we exchanged smiles. We went downstairs and the bar was rocking. Everyone in the place was dancing and having fun. We grabbed a bunch of barstools at the back bar and got some more drinks. The girls dragged their guys out onto the dance floor. I sat at the bar with my legs crossed watching them dance. Diane and Sue were both dancing very seductively and the guys seemed to be enjoying it. Every now and then either Justin or Paul would glance over to me, as they did I would re-cross my legs giving them a quick view of my slit.

I was getting damp thinking about Justin's big cock in my pussy. As the night went on I danced with each of the guys several times. They were careful to avoid much touching as their wives kept an eye on them. They each managed to tell me while dancing how much they enjoyed the afternoon and how badly they wanted me. I let them know I was eager, willing and quite ready. My pussy was so hot; I ached for cock yet knew I would be alone tonight. After several hours and many many drinks we headed back toward the boat. It was a warm humid night, the moon shone brightly as we approached the marina.

My skin was damp with sweat from the warm night. I thought how good the water would feel, cooling my body. I told the four of them that I was going to swim out to the boat. I playfully told the guys to turn around while I took off my dress. With their wives help the guys turned around and I slowly pulled my dress over my head. Diane and Sue were watching closely as I handed Sue my little dress and shoes and headed toward the water. Looking over my shoulder, Diane, Sue and Justin were all watching. Sue caught Justin peeking and turned him around with Paul. I slowly sank into the water, the water felt so cool as it moved past my crotch and up over my breasts.

As I started swimming to the boat they started out in the dinghy. Arriving before I did, they turned on the lights, I could see their shadows atop the boat looking toward me. Swimming to the platform on the stern I was greeted by Diane. He was talking about his recent world tour. How he had the opportunities to paint every where in the world how well all of them from around the world helped with his work. And that in here people don't like posing for portraits and they kind of think that these thigs are kind of dirty. What do you say Ajay? Yeah you are right. My husband replied his sudden question. What do you think about nude portraits?

But only in other countries. It is so hard to find a suitable model for such painting inhere. And I don't like to paint any prostitute as a typical woman. You know Subash,I realy think that those are the most beautiful and artistic paintings you have ever created. The one you sent us from Brazil recently was most brilliant. Geetha also agreed with me, we too discussed about that painting so many times. Did you like that painting too Geetha? Subash asked me suddenly. I was silent for a moment. Yeah I like that. But how can I discuss such a erotic paint with a strange man? Actually she was not the only person showing nudity in that picture but there were two more male companions who were also totally naked.

Ours was improperly srotic black made for sexual urges. I stirring slowly in a subconscious, running my hands through my shirt, throbbing them to raise my body. It didn't take home and I callapsed acrossed Net's back, shooting my destiny load.

I just smilled and told nothing. That's what I was talking about. These ladies are too ahy to open themselves up. Isn't that true Geetha? Look at her Ajay. She is welll educated. Only 23 years old. Married to u, a modern buisnessman who think diffrently than a tipical local husband. But she still feel shy to tell her real prospective about that painting just because it contain nudity. I was kind of embrased of his comment. Eventhough it was meant to be a joke it realy hit me hard. Actually I think that portrait is simply the gratest one I have ever seen. I realy do like it.

I didn't say anything because I totally agreed with Ajay. She is diffrent from the other typical local girls Subash. After all she is my girl. She must be diffrent. Don't you think so buddy? Subash said with a sly smile. So you too don't protest against nudity in art? We said in unison. Infact we think it realy is the icing of artistic world,Ajay added. Subash looked at us loong and hard for a cople of minits, are you sure? Do you think that posing nde for a portrait is realy nothing to be ashmed of? But I have a funny feeling about this guys.

We realy meant it. Ajay said in a ferm voice. Infact I think eyerybody should have there own naked portrait. Subash Wife nude erotic story silent again. He looked at us with that same sly smile. I was so shocked. I coldn't belive what I was hearing. Then I thouh it was a joke. It must be a joke. I looked at Ajay. He was shocked too. He was siting there with a open mouth without produsing any words like a statue. What do you say? I am sure that you wouldn't refuse. But I need a proper answer. I felt like I was siting on a hot oven. I was sweating all over. I don't think she wold have enough tme to spare. She needs to go to school I am a teacher in the morning and in the evening Nimesh is at home, We only keep him at day care center in the morning afterall he needs his mama's atttention more in this age Besides I am sure there will be more glamore and experienced models who will be happy to model for u.

I am sure I could help you with that. I have some conctions I will help you to find someone better. There is no way I am going to pose for him. Besides I am married, mother of a 3 years old child, doing a respectale job in a school as a teacher no way I could do someting like that. So boring, so stupid. No real adventure in the life just like I thogh. He was laughing now loudly. It is not like that. What if any of our friends see her portraits. It could ruin our whole family. My parents and brothers and sisters are so into our cultral values. If anymember of those families foundout we would be no longer us. They all will ignore us.

We will be isolated, cut off from the network. What harm could a simple portrait of ur lovely wife could do to ur family values? Subash asked in a so innocent voice. I was somewhat releived. He was talking oll the time about just a portrait. Not the kind I had in my mind. Well I realy have no objection. I was just telling about the facts man. Not that I was objecting. If Geetha liks I am totally ok with it. Eventhogh Ajay didn't finish his sentence I knew exactly what he though. I could see the relife in his face. Well it is now up to you madam. Would you take my offer?

Subash was looking anxiously at me. What could I say? I looked at my husband. He was kind of ignoring my glance. Is there any escape? I can't say I am not interested Subash. But I am kind of busy these days. I have to go to school in the morning and Gym in the evening. Afterthat I have to look after my child. And termtest is coming near. So I don't think I could work for u Eventhough I would like to I added the last bit to make sure that we are above others and think differenly. Well in that case I can give you a solution My dear girl. Go to school in the morning, go to the gym too. I will come here at 4pm.

And I will bring my friend Sonu with me so she could look after ur child. And while you pose for me Nimash could come and stay there too. Besides I will only take couple of hours of a day. And the exam is not coming untill the end of next month. I will finish my prject at least two weaks before that. Am I not trapped? Well I wouldn't say no to that question. Then I will do it if only Ajay is ok with it. I shot at the last chance I coluld grab. And looked at my hubby. So the deal is settled. As Ajay already told before that he is ok with this as far as I am concerned our deal is settled. Subash said without letting Ajay to speak anymore word.

Saying it he stood up and went to his bag and took some papers out of it and came towerd us. This is our contract. Not a big deal. But I like it this professional way. Saying this he handed it over to us. Sign here and here Geetha. He show us where to sign and put his signature too in the contract. And then handed us our copy and put his copy inside his bag. I know that you gys are not interested in money and Ajay could pay Doble that salary. But as a poor artist that is the highest I could pay to u. No man we don't mind. I will come tomMr. Geethatha you be prepaired. Saying that he stood up and huged us both.

Let's see what we can produce with this beauty. I am sure It would be far mor grater than the one I have sent you from Brazil. Saying this he kissed on our cheeks and turned to leave. He looked puzzled too. Actually the Brazil portrait was not the kind of paintaing in our minds. BEfore leaving the house at the door step Subash again turned at us and suddnly asked Hey man. What did you though I would do with ur wife. I just like to know. He was grining from ear to ear now. It just I thogh you are talking about. Ajay looked at my face. We both knew be have to ask the question. Particulary after he mentioned about that Brazil painting. I though you were talking about anything involved nudity.

I could see that Ajay was sweating all over, I myself wosn't in a any good condition too. I couldn't look straight at Subash. So I kept looking at Ajay. He was looking at Subash with pleading eyes hoping that he would provide the correct answer. Don't you know me my friend. Have I ever painted anything not natural? I am a explorer. So I explore the true beauty of the mother nature and her creations. Saying this he wave good buy and left the house. What could happen from toMr. As the day progress I was getting realy scared.

I hoped that he woulden't come today and actually wished for it to happen. I looked at the watch for the hundredth time. It is almost 4 now. I went to the bathroom again, mayby for the 20th time after I came home from school. I desided to call Ajay. Infact we intentionally ignored talking about last night. Nither me nor Ajay could bring the topic up. But as the time getting closer to 4 I realy need his support right now. Is there anything wrong? After a few minutes they went into the house and I figured Karen was getting dressed to go along with them on one of their shopping trips.

About 15 minutes later they came back out and Karen was still in her towel and her mom and sister were trying to wear some of her extra suits. The reason I say trying is Mary is about two sizes smaller than my wife and her mother is a couple sizes larger. The suit Mary had on was hanging loosely around her hips and the top was drooping down far enough that her nipples were almost exposed. Her mother had the opposite problem,the top was so tight that the top of her nipples were exposed and the bottom only covered about a third of her ass cheeks. They had come over just to visit but had decided to stay and use the pool and try and cool off.

Mary was the first to come in and as she did her top came up over her tits and kind of floated freely around her neck. When Helen came down the ladder it looked like her suit was painted on,the material pushing deeply between her pussy lips and exposing lots of hair. Helen did not have a bikini trim. Karen had always been the wild one according to her family and she took this oppertunity to show it. She said taht as her family was wearing her suits shed have to go in as she was and dropped her towel and joined the rest of us.

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