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I think in it was less beautiful, in the sense that it was very drab. I met some students from Charles University who were delighted to be able to practice their English. What did you do when you realised what was going on? I grabbed my camera, my rolls of film, threw them in my backpack and went down to the city. And I found myself actually by the radio station.

There were buses that were overturned. There were tanks reeling around. Young men were riding on top of the tanks with flags furling. There was water all over the sidewalks. The radio station was on fire and there was blood on the sidewalks.

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One of the most touching things was a memorial to one of the young Czechs killed outside the radio station. There were flowers and his hockey stick — and blood soaked on the sidewalk. There was a side square occupied by tanks that had wheeled in there. There was a very angry crowd yelling. When he grabbed it he got distracted, saw something else, and I grabbed back and ducked into the crowd. That was a dramatic moment. When was that exactly?

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