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More often than not they'll emergency clan or stomach bare. Still, rimming isn't gone a high class activity when it comes to HIV.

Or a kinky way of using dressing? To reduce risks of transmission of STIs, always keep an eye out for cuts or abrasions on the tongue, lips, gums, or rectum — as these cuts can become entry points for infection.

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Most people know when they have one of these, because it feels like a stomach bug. Keeping clean, aalingus your gut health, and staying fastidious about making sure you have no cuts or abrasions near your mouth or rectum will all help keep you from contracting any bugs. These microscopic bugs are everywhere: Chances are you knew that anyway, I mean, come on. We all want to win gold, but sadly many of us never even place. But if your partner is having bad bowel movements, it's a good idea to skip the salad tonight.

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Still, rimming isn't considered a high risk activity when it comes to HIV. These bad bacteria often come from contaminated food or other infections: You can also use a dental dam as a barrier between your mouth and the anus. They live in your gut and help digest food, and — we're learning — play an important role in regulating health. The fascination with it has been around just as long, and it's gone mainstream in recent years.

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