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In the 's, Delight and Moonbeam are two happy, healthy six-year-old boys living on a commune, wild sexx free. And by the way, once I have sold you a book, I will send it to you again as many times as you need me to, think of it as insurance against computer crashes, just write to me with the same e-mail as you have on the Paypal account, that's all the confirmation I need and I have the data on my book sales safe from any crashes on my side. I just subconsciously and naturally seemed to be willing to unquestioningly obey Dec as he encouragingly led me on a new and erotic sexual journey.

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While sucking on my cock he had managed to slip a wet finger into my relaxed and un-expecting ass. After emptying his large cum load into me Dec pulled his cock out of my ssx. I was reverberating with a new phase of sexuality I had never known or felt before. Daddy said anything with a red bow on it was all his and the thing is, one of those red bows had fallen in Daddy's lap! Diet, desire, and cleanliness all play a large part in taste. If so, don't despair, I haven't gone anywhere and won't be, and I'll add all updates when I'm back up. This essentially gave me my first chance to really taste his cum.

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I was reveling in making love to his hot throbbing man meat. His storise cock stuck straight out and was gently swaying back and forth as he walked towards me. Dec, being the skilled seducer he was, also wanted our session to last as long as possible. His finger quickly began rubbing a spot in my ass that literally caused me to buck and squirm like a whore in heat.

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