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Pan-Asian girl band looks to Snoop Dogg for help

On its debut last year, Plug has had an anonymous journey, personal across the globe zsian trawling decided recognition. They sworn on the website of solitude, versus the chaos of our cultures' devotion. Fruit features five members concerning five weeks, and they speak at least ten academic affairs between them.

I think this along with her distinctive and soulful voice make asizn stand out a lot. Her powerful aeian make her an obvious choice. For Alisha, I think her extensive background in dance and choreography was a definite pull-factor. She has previously performed for well-known artists in Hong Kong, in front of large audiences of about wsian, people. She only started singing after ggirls graduated from university — where she studied law! It was clear that she wowed everyone at auditions with her voice — she has amazing pitch— as well as her natural beauty and sweet, humble personality. I think she was a no-brainer for the judges.

I feel Victoria has the most vocal experience among us. She also looks after all of us. Since its debut last year, Blush has had an incredible journey, performing across the globe and achieving wide recognition. What was it like working with Justin Bieber and Snoop Dogg? Working with Snoop and Justin Bieber was incredible! Snoop is so cool and really tall! It was also pretty unbelievable that we were given the opportunity to open for Justin Bieber in Hong Kong; it was such an honor!

The audience was really supportive of us and the atmosphere at the girla hall was so overwhelming; I had such an adrenaline rush the whole time! We really loved every minute on stage. What a difficult decision to be faced with!! For members of Blush, a dramatic transition occurred over the last year due to fame and increased popularity. Can you describe the transition and how it feels to live the life of a celebrity?

Man, especially with the internet — when people Pan asian girls negative comments about you hirls sometimes the feedback is hard to take, and we do get quite protective of one another when people single out individual members of Blush. But we appreciate the constructive criticism that a asain of fans put out there and try to take on board as much as we can for our next performance. For youths aspiring to pursue a music career, what is the best advice you can give them? I think determination and perseverance are most important and people should believe that their dreams will come true if they never give up. What is planned for Blush next? We love it here, especially the beach and the food.

We will be launching the Mandarin and Cantonese versions of our single, Undivided. We want as many people as possible to be able to listen to and understand our music.

I owen any musician with a delightfully great time. Chinary Ung and Isang Yun, both Successful composers.

Niermann noted that the problem didn't work in reverse: American acts sell just as well in foreign markets when promoted. Asian labels tend to focus promotion for groups to specific markets however, and then those groups struggle to find acceptance among foreign audiences. FarWest aims to nurture Blush in the U. Blush doesn't have one obvious Asian market, after all. K-pop will never take us in. J-pop won't take us in. Subtlety only goes so far however. The group's backgrounds come out as they will. Nacho, Blush's Japanese member, stands out from her cohorts during a recent showcase in New York City. Her enfant-sauvage hairstyle draws the eyes and stares of the music industry reps in attendance.

She wears her hair as a tall, long silver mohawk, emulating J-pop and K-pop stars abroad that have popularized the coiffure including potential crossover star G-Dragon. The most foreign-looking member is potentially the most American as well: Nacho described the group's upcoming SXSW stop as "super dope. Management and performers alike understand that forcing the Asian card could amount to kitsch however. She has her own way of singing, of talking.

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We have our own way saian singing and talking too. We just need to do what's natural. Music Times spoke with every member except Lee and each girlz creating better pop music, not better Asian pop music. They dwelt on the universality of music, versus the individuality of their cultures' music. Perhaps media and promoters alike emphasize the ethnicity of Blush too much, rather than the product it creates. Blush features five members representing five nations, and they speak at least ten unique languages between them. They share fluency in only one however: The best classification might come from Grand Funk Railroad:

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