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8 Great Vintage Medium Format Cameras for Retro Analog Shooters

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This means that anything that is moving will at least be blurry, but things moving quickly through your frame will probably not show up at all. Break this out at your next family function for some pictures and everyone will be shocked. But this is made up for by the actual spot meter. The photo below was taken with the Holga Wide Pinhole, which required over five seconds to expose in broad daylight. Film speed really has nothing to do with speed — it would be more appropriate to call it film sensitivity. If you plan on shooting a lot of film, buying a scanner will save you a ton of money in the long run.

The photo below shows the ttpe of black and white film, phoro shot with digital you would have to chose to have a completely black interior of the car or to have a completely white subject, with black and white film you can get detail in both. Many of these are re-labled with the Leica name and sold as fakes. Set on its highest resolution, my DSLR can fit over 70 photos in that amount of space. The cameras themselves have classic styling and, as I mentioned, are very reliable and easy to use. Retro, vintage and old school chic are trying to revolutionize the digital revolution.

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Rollei also still produces a wonderful Twin Lens Reflex camera that is built like a tank and costs about the camrra. Keep in mind that the most important part of your camera, the part that will most affect the quality of your images, is you! One great feature of this camera is the ability to remove the viewfinder completely and shoot at waist level like a TLR. Analogue gears are using their teeth to chop those chintzy computer chips to pieces. The Rollei 35 is arguably the smallest full frame 35mm camera ever made.

Film also has ttype sensual in boots of safety. These are the opportunities you figure with you everywhere — to lawmakers, on hikes, wherever. Forever are some too wilted and very optimistic cameras out there and the uncontrollable Hasselblad.

Vinage had mine shipped to me used from the Ukraine. The viewfinder and shutter release button is set up for horizontal shooting, which makes it very natural to shoot for people who are used to standard point-and-shoots or SLRs. It has a fast lens and is really compact. It does have a odd metering system, requiring the aperture to be stopped down to get a proper reading.

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