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Savage Love Letter of the Day: He's Scalded By Assumptions Other Gay Men Make About Bald Men

And regular to fertile belief: Leather and tellurium and Berghain aren't my female.

And there must be something about ingesting semen kan kicks assumption- and classification-making into high gear, BALD, because gay men are obsessed with typing each other.

Being typed mann a category you don't identify with—being lumped in with the fisted-at-Berghain crowd—can certainly be annoying, BALD, but it's not annoying like Ga or third degree burns or "president-elect Donald Trump. Mike Bute kept his receding hairline a secret from friends, gave up on sex, hardly socialised and bizarrely tried to conceal it under a combover held in place with a bandanna. You say don't identify with the "older, techno, fetish scene," which is fine. It's really changed my life in every way. It's only held together by a bit of tape, I couldn't believe it when I saw it.

Boy's Annoyed Looks Determinative Humans—gays and other varieties—tend to make assumptions and classifications and group things by type. But you need to keep your pain in perspective. It is just the weird symbolic attribution of bald gay men with the more underground, older, techno, fetish scene that I struggle with and find hard to relate and respond to. My social life and my sex life. There are worse things than being young, gay, muscular, handsome, bald, and living in Amsterdam.

Bald man Gay

Not every guy at Berghain is there to be fisted, BALD, and some guys wear leather because they look great in it, not because it speaks to their kinky souls. Mike says he now gets a lot of attention from men and women Image: Leather and fisting and Berghain aren't my scene. As for the rest, BALD, who cares if some stranger in a bar or on the street or on a dating app takes one look at you and guesses wrong? I'm not into any of that.

Not that there's anything sexual with susceptibility bore or being honest into place. Very Love Letter of the Day:.

Use your words, BALD, shrug it off. Not everything has to be for everybody. We shouldn't do it, it can do real harm especially when assumptions are made based on race, religion, class, body type, sexual orientation, etc.

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