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Cowboy boots fit a bit differently than shoes do. The instep, or the part of the boot between the toe and the heel, is supposed to be snug, because otherwise the boot could come off, as it has no laces. The heel is supposed to slip a little while walking, especially when the boot is new and has not molded itself to its new owner's foot. There should be about a thumb's width of space at the end, so that the wearer's toes have plenty of wiggle-room.

Cowboy boot identification Vintage

Although narrow toed boots are usually better for riding, riders with broad toes should get boots with broad toe-boxes so they fit well. Make sure that the broadest part of the boot is even with the broadest part of codboy foot, not in front of it or behind it. Be sure to try on the boot with the right socks, because cowboy ccowboy are snug enough that a different type of sock can change the fit. How to Buy Vintage Cowboy Boots on eBay eBay is a good source of vintage cowboy boots, as there is both a wide selection of styles and eras of manufacture, but also most can be found at reasonable prices.

The site is easy to navigate and there are a couple of different ways to locate the vintage cowboy boots that you are looking for on eBay. To browse the available listings do a basic search for vintage cowboy boots and then filter the results by size, color, and other characteristics. To look for something specific, use the Advanced Search feature. Buying Vintage Cowboy Boots with Confidence The main thing is simply to communicate well with the seller. Use the contact link on his or her profile page to ask any questions.

Pictured below are the actual pair of boots The boots pictured to the right of this guide are randomly identifjcation there by eBay and we cannot vouch cowbyo them. Just so's you know. Our space is limited so we will touch on them briefly. Two kind of boots exist - those made in the USA and those made elsewhere. Nevertheless, boots from the USA carry more value in general. In the USA there are four levels of boot makers. These really aren't cowboy boots at all but merely imposters. These makers deal in small quantities done to the highest standards.

Quality depends on the individual craftsman.

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What style you wear depends on your personal taste however, the style of the boot impacts fit dramatically. Learn about different style toes, heels and so forth and if possible experiment with as many different styles at your local boot shop to decide which suits you best. The photo below illustrates the different shaped toes, leathers and style as well as the variance in cost. The stitching on the shafts features bead work as well as thread. Next to them is a pair of Justin lizard boots with a toe that falls between the two. Far left is a great pair of Nocona black alligator boots. All things being equal, the older the boot the more desirable. First, many collectors note a general decline in boot quality over the past couple decades or so.

One thing to be aware of of however is the importance of buying boots that have been maintained and maintaining them after you own them. Nocona and Justin tend to run a bit bigger as well, so bear that in mind when choosing a size. These navy blue boots belonged to my Grandma and I try to wear them on every birthday of mine. A knowledgeable seller will be able to help you decide if the boots are likely to fit your foot, style, and budget and would be deserving of your business if they take the time to answer your query.

My Grandpa Jack bought these for my Grandma at a Reno rodeo in the early 80s and since they are now a bit too tight for her, I get to enjoy them. When you find a pair that you absolutely adore, you will want to take good care of them. Avoid water on suede, hair on leather, and brushed leather as it can stain and discolor in short order. Clean other leather styles with a little warm water and a rag if need be and keep it simple; a little elbow grease and maybe a bit of unscented lotion yeah, like the kind for your legs to condition when the leather seems dry can go a long way.

These are my absolute favorite pair as they are comfortable, unusual in both color and height, and belonged to my grandmother. One person you should get to know is your local shoe repairman. A pair of boots can be rebuilt, re-soled, cleaned, and otherwise spiffed up to give them a whole new life for a relatively low cost. Each peg is hand-driven by a hammer. Step 2 Look for vinyl or man-made leather. The shaft the tube surrounding your calf of every Lucchese boot, vintage or not, has some variety of animal hide. The company uses alligator, ostrich, kangaroo and whitetail deer leather, among others.

The interior lining of a Lucchese boot is also constructed from genuine animal hide. If not properly cared for, leather will dry out and crack or mold or rot. And though it's possible to replace parts, such as having a boot top sewn to a new shoe bottomit's better to prevent the damage in the first place. Of course, it is perfectly normal to replace worn soles. Boots can be seemingly quite plain, or riotously ornate with different colors, finishes, inlays, overlays, stitching, and beading depicting everything from flowers or geometric patterns to animals or comets!

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